Create Stunning Youtube Thumbnails with these 10 tips.

If your video doesn’t have a good Youtube thumbnail it won’t click no matter how perfect your explainer video , animated video or any other video itself is. Thumbnails are even more important than the title when it comes to clicking behavior. This article will give you instantly applicable tips on how to create the perfect thumbnail. 

YouTube makes it easy for you. After uploading a video, you can choose one of 3 frames from the video as a preview image. You should not do that. Instead, it is important to create and upload an individual thumbnail image.

“90% of the most successful YouTube videos have custom thumbnails.”

There are 3 basic rules for thumbnails:

  1. Thumbnails correctly represent the video content
  2. Thumbnails make you want to watch the video
  3. Thumbnails arouse the viewer’s interest (with a question, a mystery, etc), build a connection with them

You might be wondering why you don’t just put cute kittens on your thumbnail and that’s it? Very easily:

Just because a lot of people click doesn’t mean the video will work well in the long run. YouTube weights the watch time above average. That means how long someone watches the video after clicking. So if your thumbnail is misleading the viewer, it will not perform well and will be less suggested.

It’s not about attracting viewers to your channel at any cost:

The thumbnail should attract the right people to the channel. People, who might like the general content, therefore subscribe and commit themselves for the long term.

Therefore, the thumbnail must be tailored to the right audience and match the channel.

Tips about how a great Youtube thumbnail looks and what it must contain

1.      The thumbnail must look high quality

For us, this means no clipart, few or no emojis, and, above all, no circles, arrows, or similar click-bait elements.

For the position of objects, the basic compositional rules should be observed: In other words, the Rule of Thirds (also known as the golden ratio). How is the gaze directed? Are there objects or text that distract from each other?

The following applies to the choice of color and brightness:

The foreground and background should have a high level of brightness or color contrast. This means that if a face can be seen in the foreground of the preview image and the face is brightly lit, the background should be darker. The basic rules of color theory apply to color contrasts. Complementary colors are for example: red and green or blue and orange.

2.      Clear and unambiguous: text on the preview image

At first glance, the thumbnails must convey a clear message about what is happening in the video, and at the same time prompted an invitation to click.

  • The text must be BIG AND EASILY READABLE!
  • The text should not obscure the main information in the image
  • The text should complement the picture and/or put it in context

“Title and thumbnail are like the cover and title of a magazine”

 A good example of how the interplay of title and thumbnail creates a question in the viewer’s mind that is answered in the video. The preview image also works completely without typography.

Statistically, thumbnails that contain yellow color work better than thumbnails without yellow.

This is mainly due to the fact that our eyes only perceive the color yellow when both the red and the green receptors are stimulated. This ensures that more nerves in our eyes are addressed and so the color yellow stands out.

3.      Channel Identity

To have long-term success on YouTube, you need to build your brand. Like any successful brand, you need a CI, the corporate identity, or, in your case, the channel identity.

That means: Thumbnails on a channel or format should have a consistent, recognizable design.

4.      Evolve thumbnails

Check the effectiveness of your thumbnails: After the upload, the viewer retention in the analytics reveals how many viewers after 10-15 seconds, click away. This gives you information about the quality of the thumbnail. Above all, compare how many more clicks you get within a certain time and whether the viewers then see the video to the end.

5.      Attract by being honest

A catchy title or a biased image may earn you a few clicks … but when people leave your video after a few seconds of viewing, YouTube will conclude the necessary conclusions. And your content will be shown to viewers less often.

Conversely, if you directly announce what you are going to propose, either by providing an answer to a question, or even by leaving a little mystery, you will not disappoint anyone. And you will be all the more appreciated.

6.      Plan all formats

A personalized miniature is essential to catch the eye. But it must also be successful regardless of the medium on which it is viewed.

Make sure that its construction is as efficient in all screen formats, from the smallest possible size to the largest, while remaining in a 16: 9 aspect ratio (and with an original resolution of 1280 x 720).

7.      Plan your composition

A thumbnail on YouTube remains a graphic medium. It should therefore be reflected in the same way as for a cover or a poster.

You will follow the same rules, including the rule of thirds for a dynamic effect.

The balance between image, text, and a little space, if not empty at least neutral, will be essential to capture attention.

8.      Be consistent

The title of your video and its image illustration on the thumbnail must be consistent.

Otherwise, you will create confusion in the minds of the viewers, who will not even want to go further to see what you are really offering.

9.      Display your title

Add your title directly to your thumbnail image because it is the only thing that will be looked at first, even before the accompanying text.

Your font must be readable, even in small format, and will be the same for each of your thumbnails: choose it well!

10.  Create your own Youtube Thumbnail

Too often a video thumbnail is just an image capture from the movie, taken almost on the fly. This is not the only choice available to you. You can create your thumbnail on image creation software and integrate it at the start of your movie. This will ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

The thumbnail of a video is its showcase. You need to devote as much time and attention to it as to your filming and editing. This is how you will also position yourself as a true professional on YouTube.

Best Tool for Creating Youtube Thumbnails

Thumbnail Blaster is the best online tool available for creating thumbnails for multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The best thing about Thumbnail Blaster is that it is very easy to use and you can create a thumbnail in just three steps:

  1. Select a template
  2. Edit and customize that template according to your choice
  3. Publish the template

Moreover, Thumbnail blaster provides you with 30 templates for thumbnails for multiple niches such as gaming, travel, vlogs, pets, sports, local business, music, makeup, and many more.

Benefits of using Thumbnail Blaster

  • No professional experience is required for editing and designing
  • A large collection of templates to choose from
  • It is a cloud-based software which means that you can use it anywhere, no need for installation
  • Easy customization options with just drag and drop
  • Artificial Intelligence support for thumbnail customization
  • Create a professional thumbnail in 1 minute or less
  • No need to spend extra money on stock photos
  • Multiple sizes available for thumbnails
  • Free update and support

Thumbnail Blaster Price

Thumbnail Blaster is now available for $36.86 which is a 1-time payment only. The price is very reasonable according to the benefits you will get from this tool.


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