Is Voicely the best text to speech software of 2021? Find out in our review.

Editor choice Is Voicely the best text to speech software of 2021? Find out in our review.
Is Voicely the best text to speech software of 2021? Find out in our review.
Is Voicely the best text to speech software of 2021? Find out in our review.
  • Very easy to use.
  • A lot of languages and voices
  • Not subscription based

Computers started talking to us! Behind this are so-called Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems. Thanks to neural networks, deep learning, and a lot of training data, they have become better and better in recent years. In some cases, you can hardly distinguish between man and machine. In this article, we will review the Text-to-Speech software called Voicely.

Text-to-speech systems

Text-to-Speech (TTS) refers to systems or applications that take written text as input and convert it into spoken audio versions, so they read digital text aloud to us. The computer-generated acoustic output should sound as human and “real” as possible. 

With the help of neural networks and deep learning, TTS systems have become significantly better in recent years. Today some models sound very natural and, in some cases, can hardly be distinguished from a person. TTS systems are used in software such as Voicely.

What is Voicely?

Voicely is an artificial intelligence software that converts text into speech with real-sounding human voices. It is really hard to identify that the Voice is generated through the machine.

Voicely is very easy to use and saves a lot of time. Voicely is the best software to create Voice over for YouTube, Marketing Videos, Educational Videos, Animated videos, and many others. By following just 3 steps, any text can be converted into Voice.

Step-1: SimplyCopy/Paste the text in the Voicely editor, or you can also type the text in the editor.

Voicely is programmed in such a way so that whatever you type in the editor will be converted in the most natural way.

Step-2: Listen to different voices and select accordingly.

Voicely provides a wide range of Male and Female, old and young tones of discourse to take into account your particular necessities.

Step-3: Customize the Voice accordingly and export it.

Voicely permits you to change the Pitch, Speed, and Voice Type. Moreover, you can add background music to give more profundity and energy to your voice-over. This, obviously, is discretionary. And at last, export the mp3 audio file, which would be compatible with any type of device.

Voicely Advantages

  • Set The Tone

With the assistance of Voicely, you can associate the manner in which the voices are conveyed to show the feeling you might want to inspire through your audio.

Decide if your message’s objective is to teach, convince, or connect with, and then tweak the Voice appropriately!

  • Play The Audio Faster/Slower

Voicely has been created to orchestrate the speed at which your message is being described and heighten your crowd’s consideration.

You can increase the voice-over speed when you want to pass on something energizing or decrease the speed when introducing a more difficult subject.

  • Customize Pitch

It is essential to change the pitch of Voice to show the disparity in sentiment. The Voicely software permits you to change the voices up to 20 semitones, additionally making your voice-over sounding more realistic.

Thanks to Voicely now, you can control your voice-over to show the excitement of the message being conveyed.

  • Various Accents

Voicely provides its users with a wide range of accents to choose from, making the ideal voice-over depending on your viewers’ fondness. The best way to catch your viewer’s attention is to select an accent that genuinely connects with them.

The mode in which you sound should be as significant as the words you state; it can set your brand image as Luxurious, courageous, Professional, and substantially more.

  • Background Music

One of Voicely’s unique qualities is that it easily permits you to mix in background sound, adding solid profundity to your voice-over in a few seconds!

Use this fantastic feature to decide how the viewers view the data. Music is the best tool that can propose feelings and create power over the Voice of the message being passed on.

·         Control Volume

Add your feelings inside your message by adjusting the tone volume – Louder volume can be used to build up certainty or outrage, and Softer volume can be used to pass on closeness and warmth.

Voicely allows you to show real sentiments to viewers in your voice-over by focusing on the right volume.

Voicely Features

  • Voicely provide unlimited  voices in 60+ languages
  • 100 Free Background Music
  • Lifetime software updates and support FREE
  • Premium 24/7 Support
  • 50 credits of Standard and Natural voices.
  • Lifetime access to software
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Note: Voicely also provides you the option to pay per usage on premium voices. So that if your usage is low or you don’t use the software very often, you can avail of those offers because it is cheap compared to a full monthly subscription. You pay around $0.004 per character. If you will use the Text to speech a lot, then maybe a subscription based model, like Talkia or Speechelo will be better for you

Voicely Price

The price for Voicely is $69, which is a one-time payment. After analyzing the features of Voicely, the price they are asking for the software seems reasonable. They are also offering 30 days full money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the software, you can get a full refund.

But if you use the link below you will have a huge discount. So you will only pay $49


Voicely is the best text to speech converter software. If you want an easy and quick solution for Voice over, then we would recommend buying Voicely. By purchasing this software, you can save a lot of your money from Voice over agencies because they charge a lot of money for a small voice over. Moreover, you don’t have to wait that long; it takes less than 5 minutes to convert your text into a human voice. 

Voicely Text To Speech
Learning curve
Voice quality
  • Very easy to use.
  • A lot of languages and voices
  • Not subscription based
  • You can't preview your voiceover
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