VideoCreator review. Create intro’s, outro’s, explainer videos and much more.

VideoCreator review. Create intro’s, outro’s, explainer videos and much more.
  • Easy to use
  • Looks professional
  • Lot of possibilities

Professional animated video editing software needs to cover more and more functions, in order to meet the different requirements of users. There is a growing demand for animated video creating software that makes it easy for hobbyists to create their video equipment.

The good news is that even affordable animated video editing software now offers a lot of features, which are suitable for budding YouTube stars and amateur filmmakers as well as post-production professionals. In this article, we will review software called VideoCreator which is used for creating animated videos professionally.

What is VideoCreator?

VideoCreator happens to be a simplified solution for creating animated videos. As you can see, it is online software that allows you to make animated videos with high-quality rendering. In addition, its use is not too complex.

One of the most effective techniques in marketing is to offer videos that showcase a product or persuade potential subscribers. This kind of animation has already proven its worth. VideoCreator is considered to be the most effective tool to promote a product or service.

Why use VideoCreator and for whom is it? Our opinion

With VideoCreator, you can design lots of animated videos such as how-to videos online. Plus, you won’t need to restrict yourself to a concept. Indeed, you can create your own 5-minute animation video according to your preferences.

Of course, its use is only available in the premium paid version. Once you have made your choice, the precise getting started tutorial will appear showing you all the tricks of the software.

In addition, what is interesting about VideoCreator is that it contains many captivating special effects that other software does not have. It is possible to compose your emoticons and individual expression characters. Then you can let them progress within the same setting.

VideoCreator is software primarily intended for start-ups and freelancers who want to publicize their offer. It is a very effective marketing tool. Animated videos also have the advantage of attracting potential customers.

VideoCreator, A reliable option for creating Youtube videos?

Among the software for making animated videos on YouTube, VideoCreator is one of the most used. Indeed, with a list of its features, it is one of the best online video design tools for animated video on YouTube. It is also the tool often used by freelancers offering you to make your infographic on

Unlike other software, it benefits from a large number of diverse scenes. And like many other online tools, it also has preset for different things. For example, if you want to create an animated CV, you can choose a template and edit it yourself.

Besides, there are also several options to edit all aspects of the video. This is particularly designed in the form of slides. Moreover, several Youtubers use VideoCreator to broadcast animated videos in 5 minutes and it works perfectly, especially since it provides an elegant user interface.

Promote the Activity plan for Youtubers

VideoCreator aims to be the easiest method to design animated videos in few minutes and it is quite easy to use. It is the favorite tool of Youtubers because it allows you to create quality videos with lots of special effects and more. To be able to post your animated video on YouTube, here are the steps to follow:

  • Start from scratch or select the template of your choice;
  • Roll and place the proposals or download the images of your choice;
  • Edit the text, add effects and some music;
  • Directly export the video to your YouTube channel.
  • Thanks to a well-stocked library, VideoCreator offers a whole bunch of characters and decor elements that can be used to dress up the videos.

VideoCreator Features

  • Figures: A large selection of figures is available to users. After making the appropriate selection, you can edit your person using the figure settings
  • Properties: Every type of graphic can be found under properties
  • Background: Images or colors can be used as a background
  • Text: Individual text or ready-made templates can be used
  • Numbers: Numbers can be represented in different ways (e.g. pie chart)
  • Special effects: With special effects for the entire background or individual elements, your sequences are breathed into life
  • Music: A wide range of background music and sound effects is available to users. You can also upload an audio or record it yourself
  • Upload: Images, music, or voice recordings can be uploaded and processed
  • Transition effects: Transition effects can be placed between the individual sequences

What is the price of VideoCreator?

VideoCreator is available for $67 (standard version), which you have to pay only 1 time for lifetime access. VideoCreator provides access to a panel of visual tools and multi-user cooperation features. It also has a large library of animations aimed at helping them create video content quickly and efficiently.

The user can indeed create several types of videos. It could be a how-to video, comics and Facebook videos, ads, or YouTube videos.

If you upgrade to the deluxe version, you will get an extra 200 templates (and 20 more new templates every month). You can also render 6 videos at the same time, instead of just one. And you will also be able to render video in 1080HD, instead of 720HD. The upgrade to the deluxe version will also cost you a $67 ,- one time payment.

VideoCreator Advantages


The interface is well structured and easy to use. In the first step, the user decides between the following options: Business Friendly (3D animation), Explainer videos, and contemporary. Intuitive usability is guaranteed through the use of understandable icons. 

The selection of graphics, templates, and characters is made in tabs. Individual elements can be added to the slides using drag and drop. In addition, these can be duplicated, edited, and removed again with little effort.

Customize the texts of the video templates

VideoCreator also offers the option to add text to the video. Text options include opening and closing, where each text can be further adjusted by selecting a color and also the type of text that suits the user’s taste.

Upload your own audio

It’s incomplete if a video editing application like VideoCreator doesn’t have a background sound feature. To differentiate itself from other applications, VideoCreator has a wider range of options, where users can choose the source they feel is most appropriate for them.

For example, there is a Music Assets option from the store, then SFX Assets, recordings, songs from device memory, albums, artists, and even genres, and an additional menu folder if the user has a reference from their local device.

In addition to offering more complete audio source options, VideoCreator also allows users to set how loud the background sound is, how the video first appears and ends, then the viewing duration for video content types.


The VideoCreator in particular stands out in this animated video software. Users get unlimited access to VideoCreator at a very low price. VideoCreator can create explanatory videos as well as infographics, presentations, advertisements, and much more. This diversity in particular speaks in favor of using the tool.


VideoCreator is ideally suited for the production of animated videos. Above all, it convinces with its powerful scope. For the professional use of explanatory videos in content marketing, I recommend VideoCreator. Mainly because of the countless features, the product clearly stands out. The paid version is particularly attractive because of its low price. 

With it, you get unlimited access to the software without any obligations. In addition, VideoCreator is characterized by an attractive price-performance ratio as compared to other similar software’s like Viddyoze. Try it yourself! There are hardly any limits to your creativity!

Learning curve
  • Easy to use
  • Looks professional
  • Lot of possibilities
  • Rendering videos can take some time
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