Twinkle review. Music, audio, sound effects and text to speech for your videos.

Twinkle review. Music, audio, sound effects and text to speech for your videos.
Twinkle review. Music, audio, sound effects and text to speech for your videos.
Twinkle review. Music, audio, sound effects and text to speech for your videos.
  • Lot of tracks
  • Good variety of genres
  • Good sound effects
  • VFX package

Many filmmakers have no doubts that music or audio, in general, have more weight than the image itself, and that storytelling, in the process of creating an audiovisual piece. In this way, they dismantle that preconception that in the video what counts above all is the image. Try to watch a video that has impressed you, but this time without audio. You will surely feel that the same piece no longer connects with you in the same way. Because music, sound effects, or sounds in their entirety are essential for your videos to generate an emotional bond with the public. If you use these resources effectively you will already have a lot of livestock.

There are very effective techniques that give sound the main role in the production of videos if you apply them to the powers. Choose music for videos before starting to edit the first of the images you are going to use. Because it has to be that song or that soundtrack that you have chosen that sets the rhythm of your video. The viewer has to perceive that the images flow at the same rate as the music.

The melodic variations, the musical tones, the pauses, the ambient sounds, everything has to be reflected or projected in the visual sequence. With this technique, your images are the ones that adapt or the ones that you work to put them according to what the music proposes. It is a very effective resource but above all accessible.

Because music or sounds for videos are very expensive to get, some software provides you with a lot of tracks and sounds to use in the videos at a very little price. In this article, we are going to review software called Twinkle.

What is Twinkle?

Twinkle is an all-in-one audio platform that is specially designed for video creators. Twinkle provides its users with different types of licensed music and sound effects to use freely in their videos.

What makes a video transcend is its ability to connect with the public, to convey emotions, the viewer must have the sensation of feeling the wind, the noise of the waves, or the nearby murmur of the people you show them. This charm is achieved if the music and the sounds of the environment are well integrated into the video. Twinkle is considered the best software to add multiple types of sounds and music to the videos very easily.

Why use Twinkle to select music for videos?

Twinkle is great audio software for selecting and using music because the type of video you make marks the characteristics of the music you need. If it is one to show a product or explain a service, instrumental music usually works better, something lively but that goes a bit unnoticed, that does not distract the viewer’s attention. 

On the other hand, if you make a corporate video in which you tell a story, for example, that of the company, express values ​​or facts that describe it or that evoke feelings, a song that conveys emotions will enhance the message. For example, epic music can reinforce images or words that connote improvement or effort, and if those values ​​are identified in the brand, the video will reach the public more effectively. Knowing how to choose music for videos, having the ability to select it, greatly increases the possibility of creating a video that generates a great impact. 

Moreover, not only music or sounds, in general, have the ability to give more realism to the video, to optimize the sensations of the viewer, to reinforce the climax. A very well-chosen voiceover is also a very powerful resource for a video. That voice absent in the image but with a great presence in the speech, which tells a well-planned story, not only reinforces the audiovisual piece but can also give identity to your brand if you use it in all your videos that require a voiceover.

The best thing is that Twinkle provides its users with a text to speech creator which can be used to create voiceovers and it comes with 70+ voices. Moreover, it also gives you the option to adjust the pitch and speed of the voiceover.

Music for videos and sound in general, has a decisive role in any video, because it generates rhythm, pauses, reinforces moments and emotions, captivates, impacts, and ultimately makes your video reach the public more effectively.

Twinkle Features

  • Twinkle provides you with a wide range of tracks with multiple genres and styles
  • Twinkle provides you with licensed music to use freely without any tension
  • Twinkle provides you with multi-language text to speech creator
  • Twinkle provides you with a premium sound effects library to make your videos more engaging
  • Twinkle provides you with the latest tracks every month
  • Twinkle also provides its users with custom tracks and sounds
  • Twinkle is providing a VFX pack for free. But it is only for a limited time

How to add audio effects to your video with Twinkle

  • Step 1:  Import the video clips into Twinkle:

First of all, you need to import your desired video clip of any size to Twinkle. For this first launch the Twinkle software on your device. Now use the import option present on your screen to import the desired video clip to the software platform. It is also possible to use drag and drop to get your videos.

  • Step 2: Use the built-in Audio Equalizer:

In order to improve the quality of the audio, now you need to use the built-in audio equalizer. It is possible to add so many audio effects on your music timeline-like classical music, sparkle, country, blues, dance, and bass, etc. Users are free to select audio effects as per their choice and in a very short time, the audio will be equalized automatically.

  • Step 3: Apply music and audio effects:

Just go to the music or sound tab present on your screen, and then make a selection for one of the desired audio effects from a long list. Add audio track and save the changes; you can also play the track in between to check its quality.

  • Step 4: Export your video:

Once your customization task is complete, it is time to save your new edited video file to your system. It is possible to choose the desired format for this resulting video.

Advantages of Using Twinkle

Still, doubting the power of music for your videos? When properly chosen, the soundtrack has many advantages for your marketing strategy. And for good reason: adding sound to your video could:

Boost your target’s engagement: by releasing dopamine, music reduces stress and activates the reward circuit in the brain. The result: music literally creates an emotional connection with your target audience, giving them a feeling of pleasure. And who says pleasure, says commitment: a video that arouses positive emotions collects 40% more shares! Interesting, isn’t it?

Optimize your brand image: like your visuals, the sound of your video helps to underline who you are as a brand. Typically, urban music will be associated with a trendy and energetic brand that targets a young audience; conversely, classical music will suit an older audience.

Affirm your company’s positioning: More than a combination of sounds and silences, music is an effective way to anchor your brand DNA in the minds of consumers. For example, English-speaking music or an instrumental version will reflect a desire to position yourself internationally.

Help your viewers memorize your key messages: Music is scientifically proven to promote memory and cognitive functions. In this sense, a video with a background sound will be much more likely to be memorable and to make an impression. Do you see this golden opportunity to make your brand unforgettable?

Enhance your professionalism: when shooting a video, it can sometimes happen that noise disturbs certain shots. Fortunately, adding sound dressing to the editor can easily hide these little typos. Enough to create ever more professional videos!

Energize your video: Music can transform your content into a true audiovisual experience, injecting a certain atmosphere and dynamism into your film.

Twinkle Price

Twinkle personal license is available for $49 (one-time payment). You will not get a free VFX pack in this package and also you cannot use its music commercially. Also, make sure that this price is for a limited time because usually, the same package is available for $99/year.

Twinkle commercial license is available for $99 (one-time payment). You will get a free VFX pack in this package and its music can be used commercially. Also, make sure that this price is for a limited time because usually, the same package is available for $199/year.


Twinkle is one of the top-rated software tools for adding music or sounds to the video. Also, it can be used for voiceovers and audio editing due to its amazing features and interactive platform. If you want to create wonderful videos with capturing background music then prefer to buy this software for your system to enjoy all the amazing tracks and tools present inside it.

Learning curve
  • Lot of tracks
  • Good variety of genres
  • Good sound effects
  • VFX package
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