Toonly vs Vidtoon 2.0, Which Is Better For Animated Videos In Cartoon Style

If you interested in making animated video in cartoon style for your video marketing, you need to get yourself the most excellent tools. Read our review on the 2 most popular tools to create animated videos in cartoon style.

Why make animated videos in cartoon Style?

Simply to set you apart animated cartoon videos are easy to watch and quite fun. 

So instead of having a “classic” or “boring” presentation, you will obtain a video in a few minutes which allows you to easily do story telling with a Pro rendering.

The other advantage is being able to do split tests, and therefore to make variations of sales pages, advertisements… with this famous “fun” video.

But before proceeding to the creation, remember these some good practices:

  1. Before starting to make your video, start by listing the benefits of your product, customer testimonials, etc. And of course who are your customers, what are their needs, what are their problems, what are the words they use.
  2. Think about the structure of your video to take your prospect by the hand.
  3. The classic structure of a sales video begins with:
  4. Highlighting the customer’s problem (via for example 1 common place, a number, etc.),
  5. Then the presentation of the problem (how much does it cost, the consequences …),
  6. Then comes the explanation of this one (why this happens, why it is not inevitable …),
  7. After the explanation of the method to solve this problem arrives,
  8. To then continue on the solution to his problem
  9. To link up with the product and its guarantees of success or risk reduction (satisfaction / reimbursement, etc.),
  10. And finally the call to action (with the notion of urgency).

In this article, we bring you a selection of the 2 best tools specially designed for creating animated videos in cartoon Style.

Toonly VS Vidtoon 2.0

Toonly Review

Toonly is video software (desktop, not browser-based) for Mac & PC but not the usual video editor.

With Toonly you can create your own animated videos in cartoon style relatively easily. Or also create learning videos or just a nice video in 2D comic style. Everything you need is included: libraries with characters, graphics, icons, fonts and music.

Toonly interface is very easy and simple, so the beginner will have no difficulty making animated video, particularly since the end result will be very proficient.

The addition of illustrations, shapes, texts, or even tracks are made via a simple and clear editing interface. Pre-made scenes can be inserted and modified which will help you a lot by saving your time in making your animated video.

Toonly is for you if you are not a drawing and animation expert. And if you still want to create your own animated videos.

Toonly is also great for illustrators, web designers, teachers, trainers and consultants who:

  • Want to animate your own illustrations,
  • Want to offer your customers something great
  • Want to create (simple) learning and explainer videos in cartoon style

Toonly Price

The regular price starts at $20/month with annual payment for the standard account. For the recommended “Enterprise” account (significantly more content for your video), $40/month are due for annual payment.

If you want to be able to cancel on a monthly basis, the prices are 39 or 69 $ / month. And you can get out at any time. That’s pretty fair, and I think it’s a good deal compared to others!

Toonly Pros

Here are the details for Toonly:

  • Downloadable software, not cloud based
  • Internet connection is still recommended, as the content is downloaded from the network
  • Good timeline in place
  • There are many objects that can be inserted
  • I like the style very much because it looks a bit more modern than, for example, Powtoon
  • Everything can be operated very easily and intuitively
  • Pleasant user interface
  • I would see Toonly similar to Vidtoon in terms of functionality.
  • There is still no intensive trial, then there is an update here
  • Comic style only, no whiteboard style
  • Toonly is updating a lot and adding new characters, items, backgrounds and functions

What I really like is the easy work in the timeline, the easy way of playing with the camera and the already existing input effects in all scenes.

In contrast to other software Toonly is excellent because:

  • The “activity” of a character can be changed directly during a scene. So a person can first stand still, then wave, then dance, etc. Really cool!
  • The video is divided into “scenes” that you can simply select and then edit individually. In this way you avoid having to search for the scene you want to work on for a long time and having dozens of breaks. Really clear and structured!
  • Export the video in up to 4k! So far only very few providers offer this!

Toonly Cons

I don’t think it’s so good that you have to pay more for the full scope. And that you can’t influence everything, e.g. colors of the icons and the clothes of the characters etc.

VidToon 2.0 Review

Vidtoon 2.0 is very latest animated video software that came onto the market in April 2020. Vidtoon 2.0 is like Toonly, desktop software. VidToon software offers animated video creation in multiple styles such as whiteboard, 2D / 3D, full motion, cartoon style and much more. At the same time, there are some things that seem to be missing.

At the editing level, you can add characters and accessories, music, insert special effects, import your own videos and of course add transitions. For projects where the video needs to be several minutes long, you can create multiple scenes to make your edit easier.

The illustration and image group together a variety of graphic styles (hand drawings, pixel illustration, emoji, etc.). You will recognize that Vidtoon provides something for all tastes and all needs.

Vidtoon 2.0 Price

At the moment Vidtoon 2.0 is available for $49/month, which is very expensive as compared to Toonly. But with our special link, you will get access for a one time payment of $49!

Nevertheless, the price is interesting because you get the basic software at a low price. And with it access to updates, because I think the tool will continue to develop.

Vidtoon 2.0 Pros

What I like about Vidtoon:

  • The look seems pretty.
  • It has apparently easy-to-use software.
  • It is desktop software.
  • The pricing is very low at the moment.
  • Vidtoon 2.0 provides unlimited access to character builder when you upgrade. Character builder consists of 280+ templates with voice overs, 100 cartoon backgrounds, 150 sound tracks and 1600+ animated characters.

Vidtoon 2.0 Cons

What I don’t like so much:

  • There are backgrounds and characters in the software, but apparently no built-in “props”. So: graphic elements and icons that you can incorporate into your video. That is of course quite a limitation.
  • There doesn’t seem to be that many traces of concurrent use of characters.
  • The look is clear but not really modern.
  • The animations (e.g. walking) of the characters seem pretty mechanical.

Animated video software’s are a lot of fun if you get involved

I hope it wasn’t too much but with this comparison you should have got enough knowledge to select software for your first animated video. As with everything, it is also the case with animated video software that it will not be very easy to produce the first video.

So my tip is to choose one tool between Toonly and Vidtoon 2.0 for animation videos that you like and that suits your needs. Then work in until you are ready for the first video.

Don’t expect too much on your first try. The more you work with it, the easier it is and the better your animated video will be! I hope you enjoy trying it out!


I think Toonly clearly wins here. Because: It has been on the market longer and is more mature. In addition, there are more elements, more characters and you can work with them much better. However, I personally like the character builder from Vidtoon 2.0 because it offers so much. Vidtoon is currently cheaper than Toonly.

Toonly it is a great tool to make animated videos in cartoon style or explanatory videos quickly and, above all, easily. This makes it ideal for beginners and all those who do not want to or cannot familiarize themselves with software’s.

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