Customize Toonly characters. The feature we have been waiting for.

Toonly users know how creative you can be with this software. Making awesome animation style videos has never been so easy. But only one feature is missing…. The possibility to customize the characters in Toonly. But very soon this feature will be available, so that’s very good news!

For those who don’t know about Toonly, below you will find a small overview about the software.

Toonly is a software program that makes designing and animating videos very easy. The principle is to create animated videos (with or without the presence of the hand which draws the objects that appear) that are very suitable for presenting or explaining something. 

What is Toonly?

Indeed, these videos make it possible to reveal elements as and when. The advantage is that these drawn elements remain on the screen throughout the video. It is therefore possible to assemble them to create an overall diagram which will be revealed at the end of the video.

How Toonly Works?

To start with, you set the scene from a million predefined themes, or you compose it yourself. We place the characters, we define their movements (we can even choose their mode of appearance, including the famous hand-drawn effect), and budding directors can play with the camera effects with zoom. 

To convey a message, you can import a voiceover, a soundtrack, or display text on the screen. By playing for a few moments with this service, you can easily create animations lasting several minutes. The quality is there, and the fact of representing the characters under different profiles allows obtaining a real continuity between the scenes, which motivates to create complex films.

Toonly Price and Features, customizing characters is coming!

First of all, it is necessary to install the software on your computer because it is not cloud-based software. Once this step is completed, you must create an account. Initially, no free trial is provided and the software is paid, in the form of a subscription at 39$ / month.

For the creation of the video as such, the software is very intuitive: the icons are clear and pretty and we quickly understand what they are used for. We can start by choosing a background (white or crumpled paper style for example) and then we position the elements (visuals or texts) as we go. 

By default, each element is displayed for certain duration, for example, the drawing of a group of people is displayed in 20 sec. You can then adjust this time to energize the appearances. At the bottom of the screen, you can view all the elements that make up your video, with their respective duration of appearance. 

Toonly upcoming features, like character customization

Toonly is in our opinion the best in its class because its library is endless, easy and quick to learn, and above all, it brings amazing new features. Recently, Toonly is bringing a new feature to customize characters, in which you will have the ability to design your own characters as well as change the height, hairstyle, and clothing of characters.

Moreover, Toonly has made a forum for its users to share new ideas about what should be added to the software. Also, users can vote in favor of ideas on this forum.

Toonly: The Best Tool for Creating Animated Videos

We were really won over by Toonly. This software is easy to use and allows you to make a video in a jiffy. The first paid offer starts at $39 per month, which is fair considering the quality of the service.

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