Are there any good Text To Speech softwares with natural voices?

In the context of explanatory videos, the voice-over is often the primary issue for brands or content creators. This is why we must know how to choose it with discernment and pragmatism. You can be a good creative or a very good writer, but your voice is not necessarily your spearhead.

This is why you will have to use voice-over software’s. In this article we will explain the importance of good sounding voice-over and will also suggest best software’s for text to speech to mp3 with natural voices.

What is Voice-Over?

The voice-over refers to the narrative voice, human or artificial, in an explanatory video and in any other audiovisual production.
Voice-over is particularly used in trailers, documentaries and advertising. It serves to grab the audience’s attention and enhance understanding of the content of the video.
Most – if not all – video production companies will tell you that the audio content of an explanatory video is just as important as the visual content. You might be surprised how true this is!

To approach the subject, it is necessary to answer 3 essential questions:

  • What importance can we attribute to the voice-over?
  • Does the voice of an amateur produce the same effect as that of a text to speech generator?
  • Can you use software to create the voice in an explanatory video?

Here are 6 reasons in favor of voice-over:

1) The voiceover contributes to the personality of your explainer video.

A voice-over gives an explanatory video a special atmosphere, tone and personality. Good vocal work will give your video the right amount of happiness, sadness, solemnity, or enthusiasm. In short, the voice-over by its very presence humanizes your brand. And only professional voice-over software can make you feel these emotions.

2) The voice-over gives the right tempo.

Only voice professionals know how to place accents and pauses in the right places when telling a story. Usually, a monotonous or boring voice prompts the audience to stop the video before the end, which will not leave a good image of the company.

3) Voice-over makes your audience feel understood.

Voice-over can have a big influence on your audience. The voice professional will give your audience the feeling of being understood and thus elicit a sense of identification. Admit it: no woman would buy makeup or specifically feminine product, which would be boasted by a warm, masculine voice dripping with virility.

4) Voice-over determines the perceived quality of your video.

The quality of an explainer video is vital for your potential customers because it represents your brand. Good quality visuals aside, this is a good recording, with a voiceover from good microphones and taken in a real recording studio, which makes the difference between a professional video and one that will be perceived as moderately credible.

5) The voice-over shows your credibility.

We all listen to voiceovers almost daily: on the radio, in TV commercials, in documentaries or in movie trailers. We develop a sense of confidence in what we hear.

Trust is a key part of turning listeners of your videos into customers. Never underestimate the potential of your videos. Using voice-over software’s which sounds exactly like humans is a great way to build trust from an explainer video. If you use some voice-over software which has an unusual or “robotic” sound, people will notice your video sounds wrong and it gives an unprofessional impression.

6) Voice-over is the key to call-to-action.

You already know that a voiceover can lead your audience to take the desired actions. This means that the voiceover must end the video with a call to action, spoken in a clear and intelligible manner, in order to lead potential customers to take the action you want them to take (whether taking contact, download an eBook, purchase a product, etc.). Overall, there is nothing better than the voice to guide them.

Important tips for voice over

  1. The rhythm
    The success of your explanatory video depends on the rhythm of the voice-over. Fast? Slow?
    The pace will have an impact on the final rendering of your video. If you want a dynamic performance, we will recommend a rather fast pace. On the other hand, if you are looking to explain complex messages, go for a slow pace instead. Indeed, the more complex the subject, the more our brain needs to cling to information in order to understand. Adding breaks gives us time to assimilate the information.
  2. The tone
    Another essential element that will improve the effectiveness of your explanatory video: the tone to adopt. You have to adapt it to the objectives of your video. A text can be interpreted in many different ways. Serious or funny, very playful or conventional, persuasive or descriptive… Be careful, however, these qualities do not mean the same thing for everyone. Tone will play a vital role in the spirit and image of your explainer video.
  3. The voice
    Do you need a female or male voice-over?
    People tend to choose a masculine one for products or services intended for men and conversely, a feminine and soft voice-over to speak to women. And rightly considered as softer, less aggressive, women’s voice-overs create complicity and confidence. Those more masculine are often perceived more reassuring because they represent the fatherly aspect.

Best natural text to speech Software’s to MP3

1.     Voicely

Voicely is ideal for making instructive videos, course videos, marketing videos, digital broadcasts, and significantly more. Voice-overs are doubtlessly fruitful at improving brand awareness. Voicely utilizes the force of AI to transform any content into exact human-sounding voice-overs, making higher-changing over recordings, and amplify your benefits. You should simply enter the content and select the voice you need, alter, and the writing is on the wall! Proficient voice-over with no specialized abilities required.

Voicely example

Voicely Pros:

  • Utilizations Artificial Intelligence to transform any content into human sounding voice-over
  • Ideal for making VSLs, instructive/showcasing/enlivened/explainer videos, webcasts, book recordings and more
  • Makes recordings all the more intriguing and amusing to observe
  • Sets up an individual association with the viewer
  • Improves commitment, transformation, and deals
  • Text to speech to MP3 download

2.     Speechelo

Speechelo is the most recent text to speech generator online application that offers an assortment of natural text to speech voices. Just paste your content, browse one of the pre-made voices that all sounds stunning and convert.

The most important and different features of Speechelo are its facility to add breathing effects and pausing options in voice-over. It will likewise check your content and add all the appropriate punctuations expected to make your voice-over sound better.

Past that, you can even modify the speed, pitch and voice tones to totally coordinate the kind of content you need a voice over made for.

Speechelo example

Speechelo pros:

  • Convert any text into natural voice.
  • Speechelo provides more than 30 natural sounding voices.
  • Speechelo provides the feature of variation in the voice.
  • Male & Female voices included.
  • English and 23 other languages are supported by Speechelo.
  • Speechelo provides the option to set tone for voice-over e.g normal tone, joyful tone, and serious tone.
  • Speechelo is very cheap and help you save a lot of money from expensive voiceover artists.
  • Text to speech download to mp3

3.     Talkia 

Talkia is a text to speech to mp3 with natural voices software which gives a wide scope of features that are worth trying. Its basic role is to permit you to make voiceovers that sound like real human voices. The program has been uniquely evolved by a group of language and voice over tech specialists. The express reason has been to give you a voiceover program that at long last looks like a genuine human voice.

This is natural text to speech software that gives you a wide scope of decisions. You can pick the kind of voice you need. This incorporates the tone orientation, complement, and child or grown-up voices. You can totally alter the pitch and speed with which your voice “peruses” the substance that you have arranged for it.

The program has been hailed by industry specialists and clients everywhere on the world as the most remarkable and precise voiceover program yet considered. Thus, we trust it to be certainly justified regardless of your opportunity to explore.

Talkia Example

Talkia pros:

  • Talkia is the software that actually deliver you the voice-over in the voice you prefer
  • Talkia support multiple languages
  • You can customize the voice over according to your needs
  • Talkia provides wide range of voices to select from
  • Text to speech download to MP3


You see, the good sounding voiceover is a very important element in an explanatory video. The audio content needs to be just as relevant as the visuals. Therefore, you should always choose the best software for voiceover.

As the voiceover is not just that of a software playing with the voice – it is one of the key factors in getting a video explanatory note of excellent quality.

And to answer the question: “Which software provides best text to speech to mp3 with natural voices”  All 3 software’s mentioned above are the best for voice over.

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