Need a voiceover for your videos? Checkout our Speechelo software review.

Need a voiceover for your videos? Checkout our Speechelo software review.
Need a voiceover for your videos? Checkout our Speechelo software review.
Need a voiceover for your videos? Checkout our Speechelo software review.
  • Very fast and easy
  • One of the best voiceover softwares
  • Good human-like voices
  • Cheap

In this article, we are going to cover each and everything you need to know about the voiceover software called Speechelo.

If you came here to read this article, you’re most probably a video content creator looking to produce remarkable videos with realistic voiceovers, right?
After all, if the voiceovers are not good there are 100% chances that your videos won’t get traffic or sales because you can’t make an impactful video without having a good voiceover.

But the main trouble is that not all of us have astonishing voices. If this is the case then you might feel:

  1. That you’re English (or other language) isn’t good enough to record your own voice.
  2. You’re not comfortable to tape your own voiceovers
  3. That you don’t own good types of equipment to make good quality voiceovers

This is where Speechelo’s voiceover software claims to solve your problems. They have claimed to convert any text into a real human voice, with few clicks.
Let’s get into the details about how Speechelo text to speech works and look like. We will also explain everything about Speechelo Pro and Speechelo Tube which you will need to start.
What is Speechelo?
Speechelo is amazing text to speech software developed by the blaster suite. With the help of Speechelo Software, you can create realistic voiceovers that sound totally like a human within seconds.

Voice over work is hard. You have to keep the right tone, speed, pitch in order to keep with the music and images the commercial is overlaying. Speak too fast and there are still moving images on the screen with no real direction. Speak too slowly and the commercial is done without you.

If you have a happy tone or a nervous tone when you need a somber one it could distract the consumer from your product or service. Imagine trying to speak over your own promotional video and being very aware of how important it is. Now imagine doing that in German. Speechelo not only gives you control over speed, pitch, and tone but also the language you need your voice over in. 

Speechelo’s primary use is to help small businesses sell products and services to foreign markets. Speechelo luckily has many languages to choose from such as Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh. These voices also come in Male, Female, and kid. 

Normally you’d need to pay a voice actor and translator per market but with Speechelo it’s much simpler. Not only are you saving money but also time by generating a voice-over in under a minute. 

Speechelo has an easy three-step process:

  • First, you must Paste your text in your online text editor provided by Speechelo.
  • The second step is to choose the language and voice.
  • Finally, the last step is to generate and download your voice over…

It’s just that easy to create a realistic voiceover with all the human-like qualities that your commercials need to be as effective as possible. Need something warm and comforting or rough and fast paste? Speechelo has all the options you need for just the right voiceover. 

Unfortunately, Speechelo does not have a free trial or a free version because it’s a high-quality product Speechelo which needs a little investment. 

Billy Male American
Owen boy American
Rosie Female American
Marlies Female Dutch
Henry male French
Alina Indian accent English
Create awsome voiceovers

What Makes The Speechelo Voiceover Software So Special?

Speechelo is superior to other text-to-speech applications for several reasons (it’s even a bit better than the voiceover software that comes with te Create Studio videoeditor).  First, Speechelo is web-based.  This means there is no need to download any software to your computer, taking up precious resources.  Additionally, Speechelo’s interface is very user friendly and easy to learn.  The straightforward controls are intuitive and useful without countless confusing and unnecessary functions, muddying the ease of use.  Furthermore, the quality of the output audio product generated by Speechelo with very little input work is unmatched by any other application.  

Speechelo focuses on creating audio that sounds smooth and natural with normal breathing patterns and emotional inflection.  While creating this natural fluency of speech, Speechelo also can remove any unwanted voice inflections, pauses, etc. that may betray a bias toward any given topic.  It can be very useful in delivering a clean, clear message to consumers and clients that can’t be confused by awkward timing or vocal patterns.

Speechelo allows its users to make an unlimited number of recordings of up to 700 words.  It allows you to select from an extensive list of 30 human-sounding voices to fit your needs.  It comes with free training and support as well as ongoing updates.  It also works in 23 different common world languages.  Best of all, you can have lifetime access to all of these perks with just a onetime purchase, rather than a monthly subscription.   

Speechelo Customization

Let’s say you need a young woman’s voice to sell shampoo or a male voice to sell ties that shouldn’t be too hard to find, right? Try to find one of each for different products that can speak over 20 languages. Not as easy. Well, it is for Speechelo.

In order to get that human touch, Speechelo also added options to make your voiceover seem more realistic. You can configure your voiceover to add breathing, pausing, or change tones, speed, and pitch. The different tones are normal, joyful, and serious. 

The software is cloud-based and that means no large downloads, but the pro version which includes, 2800 word limit, additional languages, and voices, does ask you to pay every 90 days and that’s on top of the 47 dollars for the standard version.  Cloud storage means you can access your profile nearly anywhere making it easy to move your work from home and to the office without any additional downloads or purchases. 

Speechelo Standard

The standard version does come with 30 voices and 700 character limit. Blaster Suite Tools, the company behind Speechelo, made the standard as attractive as possible but it’s easy to see all the advantages to the upgrade. 

Standard Speechelo is designed for people who have a side business that might want to wet their feet with online marketing or a few intriguing foreign market. With its low investment and high return potential, the standard is a safe choice for most upstarts. 

Speechelo Pro

Speechelo Pro not only has 60 plus voices, over the 30 standards, but you also get access to 40 background songs that come in different types of music so you can pick the right one for you. Speechelo pro really makes it easy to create the right voice over for any company. So easy you might want to make some money on the side using the commercial license feature their software provides to sell some voiceovers and yes this is only available if you go for the pro version.  

You also get to enjoy background music that comes in different types of genres and tones to help you get the best out of Speechelo and your business. The standard Speechelo cost $47 and the Speechelo pro is an additional 47 dollars every three months. 

Speechelo Pro is designed for the more serious companies that want to look for markets yet not ventured to see if their products can be appreciated in a place where their competitors can not follow. 

Speechelo Tube

The last upgrade for Speechelo is called Speechelo Tube. As you may have guessed it’s about YouTube. YouTube, the biggest source for information on the internet and that includes Google. YouTube is home to billions of consumers all over the world from China to Venezuela YouTube. This is why Speechelo has taken time and energy to make Speechelo, to help the business grow as they grow. 

With this upgrade, all you have to do is link a YouTube video and pick a language that you’d like to translate for Speechelo to make a voiceover for a different market across the globe. No need to ask a third party for closed captioning or for a translation because of Speechelo’s dedication to excellence. Speechelo Tube is only a one-time payment of 37 dollars, unlike Speechelo Pro which asks for quarterly payment. 

Speechelo Tube is designed for the more aggressive marketer. Imagine you made a voiceover in English and wished to make one in Mandarin. It can be done in under a minute. Copy, paste, translate, and generate at speeds that will let you focus on other aspects of your business. 

Benefits of Using Speechelo

Speechelo is so easy you don’t need to be a computer programmer to start and finish a project within an hour. It’s affordable and lightweight on your computer since it uses cloud computers to do the heavy lifting. It has lots of customization options for voices and even background music. 

With voiceover actors, you also have to pay them hourly and emotions or schedules might get in the way but with Speechelo you can configure the script and multiple human-like voice texture options available to get your voice over just right at one low affordable price. 

Say you need to change a few lines because of a new deal you have or and added benefit to create for your product or service, instead of calling someone up and redoing an entire video you simply paste the script back on the text editor and change a few words and you are done. 

With Speechelo Tube you can even generate a translation of a foreign competitor’s promotional video to study the words they evoke in their commercials to help you write your own script without having to pay a translator a dime. 

Draw Backs of Speechelo

Speechelo is easy to use but could take some time to master. If you really want a human-like voiceover it might take a few days to truly appreciate all of the options and even more to use them properly. 

There are no free trials. You have to look up videos online to see it at work. Most people like trying something out before they buy but there is no leeway here. In other words, you have any review on face value. 


Speechelo is a fast, easy and affordable way to make voiceovers in dozens of languages. It’s easy to see why Speechelo would be so attractive to small businesses trying to branch out to different markets such as Spain or Finland. 47 dollars is an easy investment to make to get access to every consumer that YouTube has to offer and to grow an international brand. 

If you need a voiceover you need to use Speechelo!

Create awsome voiceovers
Learning curve
Voice quality
  • Very fast and easy
  • One of the best voiceover softwares
  • Good human-like voices
  • Cheap
  • Can't beat a proffesional human voiceover
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