Create professional looking video ads for social media with these ten tips

Over 1.8 billion people use Facebook every month. So, Facebook is one of the most effective ways to do targeted advertising on the internet. Do you want to run ad campaigns on Facebook or other social media platforms but don’t know how to create professional-looking video ads? How to create creative and impactful video ads with suitable formats? In this article, we will give 10 tips for creating professional video ads.

Some good reasons to create an advertising video

Before getting to the heart of the matter, discover 5 advantages that are sure to convince you to integrate video advertising into your promotional strategy:

  • Video advertising promotes purchasing: for 90% of Internet users, watching an advertising video influences their purchasing decision.
  • Internet users love it: 80% is the share of time that an Internet user spends watching video ads on the Internet. And the icing on the cake: half of the consumers want to see videos … more than any other branded content on the Internet. Do you see them, all these potential prospects?
  • Video advertising makes a lasting impression: 8 out of 10 internet users remember at least one video ad viewed in the last month.
  • Video advertising boosts website traffic: for 51% of marketers, video advertising is the content with the best ROI. Why? Because by representing more than 80% of the global traffic of the Internet, video is a formidable marketing tool to maximize your SEO and clicks on your website.
  • Video ads grab attention: 69% of video ads are watched to the end. Awesome, isn’t it?


Social media advertising is effective when you know how to use it! Every business has its own identity and the more authentic you are, the more likely your ads are to work. Be yourself and be consistent.


The first step to creating a truly impactful video ad is to stand out from the crowd. The more original and creative your ads are, surf the news, or even spark debate, the more likely you will be remembered. So make sure to catch the eye and mark the minds of Internet users.


Remember that your target, although hidden behind the screen, remains human and real! So you have to focus on how the user feels, telling them how your product or service will change their life.  It is with this in mind that the user will be more inclined to interact with you. Also, note that we are naturally more receptive to ads showing human faces rather than inanimate objects. This makes the ads attractive because they seem to be part of a person’s social fabric.


Colors influence our perception, as evidenced by our infographic on the meaning of colors. Thus, red attracts our attention, blue calm our mind, and inspires confidence. While yellow is synonymous with joy and light and green is akin to nature and hope. Do not hesitate to play with the symbolism of colors to give a more impactful dimension to your social media video ads!


You should never launch a campaign without first defining your target audience. In this sense, your video and your message must be adapted and must speak to this population. The goal is for the ideal customer to recognize himself in the language you use as well as in your video ads. You can increase awareness of your brand by telling a story.

5.      BE BOLD

Dare to surprise! For example, a brand of t-shirts had decided to target for its social media campaign, people with a certain last name. This allowed them to target very precisely and in a personalized way.


Once you’ve grabbed the attention of your ideal target, make sure it’s not in vain. Now is the time to communicate your key message in an inspiring way that will make your audience happy they stopped and remember your message. Think of a minimum of 2 versions of the teaser that you will match with the 2 video ads of your campaign. Then you can also test the video/slogan pairs.


To be effective, your Facebook ad must be quickly decryptable by the brain. To do this, use bright colors, simple shapes, faces, and readable visuals, even on a small scale. Thus, images with clean text have a better impact. Too much text is distracting and can reduce the number of people your ad is shown to.


The size of the screens and the different advertising formats make it difficult to create effective video ads. Test video ads with different sizes specific for mobile and others specific for the desktop version.


Pick an interesting topic and take a quality shot. Go for sharp, high-resolution images, paying attention to angle and lighting. Don’t be afraid to test at least 2 versions of your visuals to find out the most effective version according to your goals.


Remember to regularly renew your video ads because their performance has a lifespan!

Best Tools To Create Professional Looking Social Media Video Ads

The creation of video advertising was previously entrusted to professionals in the field who charged a fortune. However, since advertising isn’t going to last a lifetime, you don’t have to shell out that much money every time you launch a new product or service. Surely you think this is a difficult task to perform? You are simply wrong whether you are a large or a brand new business taking control of promoting your product. With the online applications that have been carefully selected you can create an advertising video easily without any professional help.

1.      Create studio for social media video ads

To create an online advertising video, you can also rely on Create Studio. This awesome software has made it easier to create a professional-looking video for promotional and marketing purposes. You have at your disposal models with different resolutions. Besides, to beautify your video, you can use the editor, multiple templates, presets as well as the licensed songs and images offered by the application. 

Here’s how to create an ad video with Create Studio:

  • Log in to Create Studio and tap “Create New Project” in the corner of your screen.
  • Select the size for your video ad
  • Select a template to use from the library.
  • Upload the photos and videos that will compose your video from your computer. Once imported, drag them onto the track. Enter the corresponding texts and change the background music.
  • Finally, to produce the video click on the “Produce” icon.

2.     Place it for social media video ads

Placeit is also an online platform to easily create an advertising video on social networks. Besides, it offers thousands of professionally created video templates to promote your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and many more. In addition, it has many features to automatically create your advertisement: a large library that stores more than one hundred thousand photos and videos, licensed music to accompany your creation and you can even buy premium templates also if necessary.

To create a video ad with Placeit, here are the steps to follow:

  • Login to Placeit after you navigate to the site.
  • Select the template model you like. Drag and drop the images onto the template.
  • Edit your video by adding music, photos and personalizing the texts.
  • Export your video and share it directly on social networks.


Create Studio and Placeit are the best tools to create an online advertising video. You can choose one to showcase your brand and product. Each has its own features, but it’s up to you to select the one that will meet your needs and the result you are looking for. Moreover, test different content strategies (visual, title, catchphrase, duration…) and observe which one works best with your audience. The advantage of these tests is double: you will identify your most engaging video ads while refining your marketing targeting!

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