Press Play interactive video player. Is it any good? Our review.

Press Play interactive video player. Is it any good? Our review.
Press Play interactive video player. Is it any good? Our review.
Press Play interactive video player. Is it any good? Our review.
  • Serve visitors with targeted videos
  • Easy to use
  • Next level video player

In this competitive era of marketing, it is very important to be viable for your business success. Marketing through videos has become the new efficient tool for boosting sales and business.
PressPlay is of the most influential video players which lets you make interactive videos in a very little time. Due to so much positive reviews by customers on PressPlay 1.0, the creator has updated its version to PressPlay 2.0, which provides a lot more features.

In this article, we will review the PressPlay software; have a look on the features of PressPlay 2.0 which PressPlay 1.0 don’t have and let our readers be familiar with this amazing interactive video player for their business success.

What is PressPlay?

PressPlay is considered as the most reliable software that turn regular videos in awesome interactive videos. The most dependable tool allows you to use videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and many more.

User can simply take the video from these platforms and use the multiple features of PressPlay on the video to make it more interactive, which can boost their business sales. Some of the PressPlay features are:

  • Share-Gate Overlays
  • Advanced Stats and Analytics
  • Call-To-Action Overlays
  • Video Skin Options
  • Embed on Any Page
  • Opt-in Form Overlays
  • Create Video Playlists
  • Add a Watermark
  • Player Features like Auto-Play
  • Video Player Design Control

These features can increase the traffic of the website significantly if used in the right way. And it is obvious that more website traffic will lead to more sales.

Some Best Features of PressPlay 2.0

There are some features of PressPlay 2.0 which are not included in its previous version 1.0 these are mentioned below:

Embed Everywhere
These features let you embed your PressPlay edited video anywhere you want. Moreover, you will get all the elements in the video which you had applied while editing it in PressPlay. It is very easy to embed the video; you just have to copy and paste where you want the video to be.

Insight and Analytics
This feature allows you to keep track of the stats of the video. For example, how many people have seen the video will be shown to you through analytics. This is an amazing feature because it will help you to see how the viewer has reacted to the video. This feature is connected to google analytics, so it helps you to see all the essential engagement.

Lead Generation and Sales Control
PressPlay has given its users with options like CTA gate and share gate. These features are really helpful in lead generations and sales control.

CTA gate
CTA gate will take viewers to the website which the user has set. When the viewer clicks on the text or picture shown in the video, they will redirect to this website.

Share gate
Share gate will stop the video and will ask the viewer if they want to share the video on any platform by showing them buttons of different social media platforms.

Video Player Control
It is necessary to make the videos perfectly so that customer doesn’t get dissatisfied and leave the video. PressPlay allows the users to make changes to the video player such as changing the place for skins or graphics so that viewers have perfect viewing experience.

How Does PressPlay Works?

Once you open the dashboard, you will be asked to create a new campaign, and after that, you will see an interactive video editor where you can edit your videos.

You will see different options for video settings such as video appearance, watermark and video behavior. Each of these options has many further options such as pause and play, selecting the video source and many others.

It is also possible to make a chain of connected videos, which a user will follow when he makes decisions during watching your video. For example: You show your customer a video, but you have different content for males and females. Then you simply add 2 choices in your video, like : “Click here if you are male” and “Click here if you are female”. When a visitor makes his or her choice, then the next video will play, based on their decision

Why Should You Purchase PressPlay?

There are thousands of software’s available for video marketing on the internet, but the main reason behind buying PressPlay is that it is very easy to use; you don’t need a designer or programmer to create videos. Even a non-technical person can easily use it to create interactive videos for marketing.

There are many other reasons to buy PressPlay such as it provides features like:

  • Video Skins
  • Call to Actions on Landing Page
  • Simple WordPress Integration
  • Amazon S3 Integration
  • Add/Remove Branding
  • Call to Actions within the Video
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Smart Behavior Features
  • Facebook Integration
  • Auto-Responder Integration within Video
  • Auto-Responder on Landing Page

Price for PressPlay

PressPlay can be purchased either for a year or a month:
The price of PressPlay is $197/year which seems very reasonable because of its numerous features.

The price of PressPlay is $27/month which is also reasonable and affordable.
The best this is that PressPlay provides 30 days money-back guarantee which means that if you are not satisfied by the software, you can get your money back.


PressPlay is software with fully loaded features which everyone would love to have because it gives you total control over your videos and helps you as an interactive video player to grow your brand.
PressPlay is a cloud-based software which gives you access to your videos anywhere you want moreover you don’t even have to pay for the hosting. If you want to do video marketing and also want to be successful than we recommend you to buy PressPlay because you won’t get any other software at this price which such amazing features.

Learning curve
  • Serve visitors with targeted videos
  • Easy to use
  • Next level video player
  • Monthly subscription
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