Place It to make intro’s and outro’s for your videos? Read our review.

Place It to make intro’s and outro’s for your videos? Read our review.
Place It to make intro’s and outro’s for your videos? Read our review.
Place It to make intro’s and outro’s for your videos? Read our review.
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy and fast
  • Lot of possibilities

In this article we will review an intro maker tool called PlaceIt which makes it easier for you to make intro videos. 

Do you watch YouTube often? Usually, YouTubers will provide some kind of animation at the beginning of their video which is called an intro. You can also watch various intro videos on YouTube, including gaming YouTubers.

Because it looks quite a hassle, it’s actually not difficult to make intro videos and end up using people’s services. However, did you know that making intro videos is not that difficult?


What is PlaceIt?

PlaceIt is a tool to create animated videos and it is here to make it easier for you to create intro videos. Speaking of the interface, Placeit is familiar enough, so it will be quite easy to use. You can also make different kinds of animated videos, whether it’s in the form of animated logos, words, or transitions between videos.

There are more than 20,000 cool and unique templates that you can use to make animated videos. Oh yeah, not only do you make an intro videos, but you can also create a logo for your esports team. 

Placeit Features

As I have mentioned that this tool is very easy to use because of its simple interface and if you are new user you won’t have to learn anything because it is self explanatory.

1.   Templates

Placeit has huge loads of excellent templates and layouts for you to browse and choose, and best of all; they are separated into different categories so that users can easily find them accordingly.

Not all the categories have large amount of templates however the categories of gaming, apparel, sports, beauty and YouTube have tons of templates to choose from. You also have a choice to choose between text animation and logo.

PlaceIt Video

2.   Customization Options

After choosing the template you will get the editor in which you can perform multiple types of customizations such as:

  • Editing the text which includes changing text color and font types.
  • Add custom images in the template
  • Set the playing speed for video eg. Slow or fast
  • Choose audio music to add behind video
  • Edit the video background color in the video

In general, the customizations provided by Placeit are awesome. But to be honest you will never feel the need to do changes in the intro because there Placeit template collection is fantastic. You just have to upload your logo, choose color, choose audio track and do editing in the text if required and your intro is completed.

The only weakness we saw in the customization was that you cannot upload your own audio file. You can only choose to add the audio from their music library and if it necessary for you to add some custom music then you’ll have to use different tool for adding background music.

Placeit Pros

Placeit is truly straightforward and simple to operate. It is a precious asset for online business retailers with almost no plan, intro making skills, or professional abilities and can make mockups and intro videos by utilizing the huge number of template they have provided.

Placeit offers an immense collection of templates and logos that are increasing consistently. These also include banners and social platform posts. As we’ve discussed, intro video is a fundamental piece of your videos, and Placeit is a fantastic tool for making this sort of animation, effectively and rapidly.

Some more advantages of Placeit are mentioned below:

  • The intro videos you can create with Placeit will definitely astonish your views, alongside the logos and posts.
  • In addition Placeit provides screenshots for different devices, banners, shirts etc.
  • They utilize excellent photographs and videos with models to help give your product some professional touch.
  • Placeit is a superb intro maker tool. It will help YouTuber a lot for making intro for their videos.

Placeit cons

  • Templates for some intro categories are less which should be increase. For example some categories only have 1 or 2 template.
  • You cannot listen to audio track in the editor alongside video. To do that you first have to render full video and then preview it.
  • You cannot add your custom audio file in the tool. You could only choose from the audio files provided by the Placeit

These are some of minor things which can be changed but overall, Placeit is the best into maker you could utilize.

Placeit Price

Placeit provides two options either you can buy each template individually or you can buy the subscription. If you buy the subscription of Placeit you will get all the templates for free automatically and you will also get unlimited downloads.

Placeit prices are mentioned below:

  • $9.95 for 1 intro template
  • Placeit subscription (Monthly $14.95 and Annual $99.95)

Placeit prices are reasonable and if you are frequent user then it is better to buy subscription of Placeit because it will give access to all templates and unlimited downloads.

Conclusion  about Placeit

If you want to make top notch intro videos for your YouTube channel, online social media, and so on then Placeit is the best intro maker with very affordable price.

Regardless of what your expertise level you have. You can still make extraordinary animations with Placeit, and it will be hard for you to find such tool which allows you to do it a lot quicker and to a particularly high and expert looking standard.

Thus, if you want to avoid of making your own intro videos from scratch or the expense of employing a specialist to do one for you then a online intro maker tool like Placeit is the place where you should go.

PlaceIt Video
Learning curve
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy and fast
  • Lot of possibilities
  • Can't add your own music
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