The importance of a stunning Intro for your videos.

In video marketing, it cannot be denied that the role of intro’s in the videos we make is very important. The intro that we make must be as interesting as possible to make our video viewers curious about the content of the video we make.

In this article, we will shed light on the importance of an intro for YouTube videos, and in the end, we will also suggest an intro maker tool for making cool intro’s for your YouTube videos.

There are many things that must be considered in making an Intro. Because if we carelessly make it will look useless. The use of Intro deserves more attention. Many people don’t pay much attention to it because they only focus on the content of the videos they make, they never even think about making an Intro in the YouTube video.

The Role of the Intro in the YouTube Video

It must be remembered in making an Intro there are things that must be considered, such as the duration of the Intro itself. So in making the intro the duration should not be too short or too long, if it is too short the people watching will get a little confused and if it is too long, the audience will feel bored. The ideal duration for an Intro is 8 – 15 seconds. Why is that, because this is an important part. In a duration of 8 or 15 seconds, the audience can judge that the video we make is worthy of their seeing until the end.

Don’t make lots of intros, because the intro is a characteristic or identity of your YouTube channel and with the intro in every video that you make other people will not feel strange with it, even if the intro changes, the viewers who see your video will feel unfamiliar to your channel.

Intro creation can be:

  • Name of your YouTube Channel
  • Some of the Contents of Your Video

Importance of Intro’s In YouTube Video

An intro is a short clip that is presented at the start of the video in which you can show the brand signature to make the video recognizable for the audience. Also, the intro video can contain some small parts of the actual video which lets the audience know the quality of the video.

  1. Shows a professional impact
    By including a good intro to your YouTube videos makes it seem more attractive and also improve its professional impact.
    You can include plan factors that tie your intro with your trademark and make the video immediately recognizable to the audience. This can help you in creating your YouTube videos in the form of a sequence rather than a separate creation.
  2. Improves brand identity and builds trust
    Branding is what makes your brand identity on YouTube. By making a unique intro for your YouTube videos help your viewers recognizing your YouTube videos from the ocean of videos on YouTube.

    By making intros specific to your brand help you in making brand identity as well as building trust among your viewers.
    Your audience will get familiar with your brand if they like your videos and can easily recognize your video even though if there is a lot of competition.
  3. Improves audience retention
    It has become extremely important to find the key to your audience’s mind. Just 1 mistake in the 10 seconds intro can lead to losing your audience.

    If the intros are made with the full attention they can serve as a hook to your viewer’s mind and there will be very little chance of losing your audience.

    An intro helps your audience to find out about what they are going to watch after the intro ends which decreases the curiosity and relieves the audience into watching the whole video.
  4. Helps influence video marketing
    Marketing with the help of YouTube videos is absolutely the future of internet marketing. So, it would be great if you have some intro maker tool to create the perfect intro for your YouTube videos to travel along with this new wave of video marketing.

    An intro in the YouTube videos provides you with an additional edge that you can influence to increase your video marketing game. The peoples are now leaning towards in support of videos and it is expected that by the year 2022, approximately 82% of internet traffic would consist of videos.

    It has become very easy to create high-quality intros and edit online with amazing intro maker tools.

Best Video Intro Maker Tool

Viddyoze is the best video intro maker tool for YouTube which was created by a team of marketers. Viddyoze was released in 2015 and till now it has been updated multiple times to make the software more users friendly.

The main idea behind creating Viddyoze was to create a user friendly and easy to use tool for creating high-quality intros for YouTube videos. Viddyoze is considered the best intro maker tool because it provides its users with an easy three-step procedure to create magnificent intros for their videos.

Moreover, Viddyoze provides its users the opportunity to make in-context videos which means that you can add custom logos on already made videos, for example, adding a logo on a t-shirt of a person wearing in the video. These types of features are very useful to create videos for an e-commerce store or small business.

The best thing is that this intro maker software is purchasable at a very low price. In just $77 you can acquire a personal license for a lifetime and in $97 you can acquire a commercial license. In the personal license, you have only 30 animated renders per month which seems fair after seeing the price of such high-quality software.

Viddyoze is the best choice you could make if you are looking for an easy solution for your YouTube intros because its price is low and it is very easy to use. We would definitely recommend purchasing it if you are looking for the best intro maker tool.

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