Interact with your visitors, with Interactr Evolution. Our review

Interact with your visitors, with Interactr Evolution. Our review
Interact with your visitors, with Interactr Evolution. Our review
Interact with your visitors, with Interactr Evolution. Our review
  • Interact with visitor
  • show content for specific audience
  • More results from your videos

Interactr Evolution

Interactr Evolution It is not hidden from anyone that video content is highly effective in capturing people’s attention and even generating conversions. But you know what is annoying when people watch your video and leave without doing anything. The most important reason is that there is less interaction. One type of video may not be interactive and engaging for our entire audience. Each of our viewers is a different person with different hopes, ambitions, and desires. But we treat them all as one person. A video, a sales message, a call to action for everyone. This is what prevents us from achieving the results that our video should have brought, that is, we suffer from lower conversions, higher video drop and less sales. But this huge problem can be completely solved easily with the help of Evolution Interaction.

Interactr is a video sales system that empowers you with simple yet powerful videos that you can sell. Interactive business-class video with 2 conversions, 3x more interaction.

Interactr has been created for anyone looking for:

  • Increase conversions
  • Earn more money online
  • Streamline and automate your sales process
  • Interact with your audience on a more personal level
  • Create a WOW factor experience for your online business or asset

How Interactr Evolution Works?

The best way to think about Interactr Evolution is a participation tool. With Interactr you will upload your video and then use the simple overlay tool to add questions to the video.

Once you have added questions, you will also have options to do things like: If they selected “Male” instead of “Female,” show them video two instead of video 1.

Add elements to appear at different times. It is a way to make your videos even more engaging and do so, rather than risk losing your potential customers by going to different pages in your funnel. They will be able to click an option directly on the video, and it will load the new video “Step 2” found in their video funnel.

Let us suppose that it is a digital agency that tries to promote its services. Well, as a digital agency you will want to sell things like websites, SEO, ppc, etc. Step 1 of your video funnel using Interactr is to introduce yourself and guide your visitors in the best direction, this is what it would look like:

VIDEO: Hello, welcome to our digital agency website before you start, are you looking for “more leads for your business” or “looking to improve your business with digital assets”?

At this point, two buttons will appear in the video:

Button 1: more leads for your business

Button 2: Looking to improve your business with digital assets

Depending on the button you click (directly on the video) it will take you to funnel two that will look like this:

VIDEO 2: Thank you for clicking “more leads for your business”

You are simply converting your now boring standard text funnels into highly attractive and personal video funnels.

Where to use Interactr Evolution

Trial video

Demo videos show how items work, including taking viewers on tours of software applications, how to use them, opening boxes, and testing real products.

Find out how to use the video during each phase of the customer journey.

Business use videos

Branded Videos are regularly evolved as a component of a bigger publicizing effort and exhibit your business’ top-level vision, reason, or items and administrations. Interaction Evolution is about building awareness around your company and not only intriguing you, but also attracting your target audience.

Event video clips

Does your service host meetings, roundtables, charity events, or another type of opportunity? Create highlight reels or start presenting from engaging interviews and gatherings.

Expert meeting

Getting interviews with specialists and believed pioneers inside your market is an extraordinary method to create trust and authority with your objective market. Discover influencers in your market, whether you share your point of view-get these arguments before your audience.

Education or how-to videos

Use training video clips to teach brand new things to your target market or build the basic expertise you need to better recognize your organization and options. You can use these clips in sales and marketing jobs.

Advantages of Interactr Evolution

Efficient Call to Action

Allow your viewers to act on the spot directly from your video. This type of technology is still very new and viewers / your customers will “probably” experience video interactivity for the first time on your site, which means it will surprise you on the spot by increasing your conversions.

Specify you Audience

You serve the videos directly to your specific audience, for example, if you are selling a weight loss product for women and you are selling a hair product for men, you can ask them ON THE VIDEO if they are men or women and depending on the answer, Interactr will change the video to the specific genre so you don’t need to create endless landers, etc. to target specific clients when doing split tests.

Easy Interface

It has a quick and easy interface if you want to create templates from scratch. That gives you more power to interact with your customers in your own theme.

They have recently updated the user interface with a modern, flat, and elegant design. This will surely increase your interest in using this latest create studio.

No Boundaries

Interactr Evolution plays on all devices. You can use it on windows, Mac etc.


The software has all kinds of templates available on their website. You can choose any of them to make your videos. You can also create your own template but their templates are made by professionals so they will be the better option. You can also customize their given templates into your desired shape.


Not only do you have the best access to Interactr Evolution available for you, you also get the risk you want. Interactr Evolution includes a 30-day money back guarantee plan. Choosing Interactr Evolution guarantees satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with any factors within the first 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund.

Interactr Evolution
Learning curve
  • Interact with visitor
  • show content for specific audience
  • More results from your videos
  • Works only on your own website
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