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Interactive video is now part of the communication strategy of many companies. There is therefore an overabundance of spots on the internet. In 2019, YouTube recorded an average of 400 hours of uploaded videos every minute!

To be heard in the midst of the cacophony of the web, it is necessary to stand out. Innovative formats combined with a good dose of creativity are no longer a luxury. It has become a condition of survival. And that’s what interactive video allows!

What is interactive video?

Instead of being a passive spectator, wisely watching the video, you inspire your audience to act, to give their opinion, to click, to intervene. It changes everything! It is a format that therefore mixes classic video with human interactions.

This recent technological advance – exploited in marketing, sales, and content creation in the broad sense – has already proven its worth and is revolutionizing many areas such as:

  • Professional training
  • Tourism
  • The advertisement
  • Storytelling
  • E-learning

So you have to understand video in a new way. You have to think of it as a website. Navigation, additional content such as text documents, images, and even other videos, the insertion of external content (social networks, Google Maps) … everything that can be integrated into a website can now be integrated into a video.

The fact that internet giants like Facebook and YouTube are investing in interactive content is a clear sign that this new format will matter more and more. Besides, the link with virtual reality is obvious.

As the audience decides how the interactive film will unfold, it is often said that this is the video where you are the hero.

What is an interactive video player?

Videos played on an interactive player have interactive components, such as spots to click on, a button that shows at a precise moment during playback, or tracking a product. 

Interactive video enables you to advertise your products in a direct-to-consumer manner, increase sales or provide new ways to engage customers mid-content. However, it’s not just a good attribute to have.

Interactive video generates approximately 2x the engagement of usual “static” content, according to a recent report. So, using a good quality interactive video player in your brand marketing can increase lead generation, engagement, and sales.

You can use the interactive video players to integrate various interactive elements into your videos and to display a variety of interactive elements on each video. You also have the option of integrating 3rd-party services to amplify your videos further. 

What are the advantages of using interactive video?

This marketing strategy of interactive videos allows us to:

  • To increase the sales
  • Increase visibility on social networks and organic SEO 
  • Increase consumer reviews
  • Redirect online traffic to traditional stores 

Besides the short and medium-term benefits, all the information gathered during your interactive marketing campaigns will allow you to perfect your pricing strategies, because you will have a better understanding of your target and their interests. 

Key data that you can integrate into your pricing suite to accelerate and optimize your decision-making. Tools specially designed to drive the growth of your brand. 

3 best interactive video players

1.     Press Play

Using PressPlay 2.0, you can incorporate a variety of marketing elements in any video, which helps you gain more conversions and generate new leads. You can choose specific additions to add to the video using the custom video player.

This PressPlay 2.0 will help you with your brand marketing to your audience. Despite being always available, choosing the right tools to pay for is the difficult part. Is this PressPlay interactive video player worth the price?

The purpose of Press Play 2.0 is pretty much to get more conversions from your videos. There are a few tricks that you can implement on YouTube to subscribe to one’s channel or click on links, but PressPlay offers so much more.

You can use PressPlay to obtain more leads once viewers are viewing your videos if you’re constantly creating videos to increase your reach and appeal. PressPlay 2.0 does require a visit to your website to fully benefit from its features.

Press play 2.0 integration goes beyond just the platforms on which you store your videos. Sprout Video, YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Web Services, and WISTIA are a few options. However, you can also integrate an autoresponder service so that you can capture leads, social media platforms, as well as affiliate links.

I prefer to use PressPlay 2.0 in order to increase conversions, but there are other options as well. There are a lot of options available when it comes to customizing your videos, and you might want to take a look at them all.

PressPlay 2.0, in my opinion, is an excellent value for money product, particularly since you get unlimited videos to work with.

2.     Interactr Evolution

It is no secret that video content is highly effective in capturing people’s attention and converting them into customers. However, you know how annoying it is when people watch your video and then don’t respond. The biggest reason is the lack of interaction. 

There may be types of videos that are not interactive and engaging for all of our audiences. The viewers of our content are all different, each with different aspirations, ambitions, and desires. They are all treated as one, however. There are videos, sales messages, and calls to action for everyone.

Due to this, we fail to achieve the results our video was intended to bring, namely reduced conversions, more video drops, and fewer sales. It is completely possible to solve this complicated problem using Interactr Evolution.

Using Interactr Evolution, you can create simple, powerful videos that you can use to sell products. A video that yields twice the conversion and three times the interaction.

The only interactive video platform in the world to allow customizing/editing of interaction layers is this platform. The stunning, engaging interactive videos for your campaign can be created within minutes using this exclusive feature.

To create your videos, you simply need to draw the flow chart. As shown in the flowchart, the video will automatically highlight what viewers are truly interested in.

Marketers and newbies will be clamoring for this offer! You might think that investing in some crappy terrible products that end up nowhere is a waste of money (I understand).

However, this is not the case. The software is worth the price even though it is quite expensive. This Interactr Evolution review should be detailed enough to help you make the right decision.

3.     Turbo Tube Engage Pro

By adding opt-in forms, social media buttons, custom HTML, banners, ads, and more to any video, Turbo Tube Engage turns it into a money-making machine. To make videos more interactive, you don’t need any coding knowledge. All of these elements can be added to videos with Turbo Tube Engage Pro software.

Creating interactive videos is not an easy task, but Turbo Tube Engage gives you the opportunity to do so. Among the most important features of Turbo Tube, Engage Pro is that it enables you to use any video from YouTube and add custom banners, social icons, opt-in forms, etc. to it.

This software allows you to create interactive videos which will get you more customers and leads if you are in the marketing business. Furthermore, you can work as a freelancer for other clients. With this software, you can easily convert any YouTube video and add customized features as per your customers’ needs in a fraction of the time.

Turbo Tube Engage is powerful and affordable software based on its features. Furthermore, there is no limit to how many websites you can use. Additionally, you can create an unlimited number of videos with it, there are no limits.

With Turbo Tube Engage, you don’t need a database, which is often considered a problem with the software. You can access Turbo Tube engage anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection since the software is installed on your computer.

It is necessary to make interactive videos for marketing in order to get leads and sales since interactive videos are more engaging and viewers love them. Turbo Tube Engage Pro allows you to make videos interactive with a few clicks. We recommend Turbo Tube Engage Pro if you do not want to deal with coding and other management tasks to make your videos interactive.


Ideally, the 3 software’s mentioned above are suitable for the creation of interactive videos. In addition to its strong scope, it also impresses with its elegance. I recommend these 3 software’s for the professional use of interactive videos in content marketing. The countless features of these products make them clearly unique. The low cost makes it particularly attractive to pay for. 

The software is available to you without any obligations. As compared with similar software, these tools are also characterized by a favorable price-to-performance ratio. You should give it a try! There are hardly any limits to your creativity!

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