How To Make An Explainer Video? Software, Tips And Tricks.

What are Explainer Videos?

An explainer video is a short, intense video that conveys your brand promise and shows potential customers what you do and why they should care.

There are several types of explainer videos you can use, depending on your goals and the style of your brand. Whatever type you choose, your goal is to explain your product or service.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Closely related to making explainer videos is trying to simplify a complex idea so that your audience feels identified and understood.

They’re a surprisingly popular way to get people to absorb new information: 96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Plus, we don’t just find them on the web. If you’ve been to the movies recently, there’s a good chance that before you started the movie they showed you a short explanatory video with the anti-Covid-19 measures that apply in the facility (this happened to me the other day).

And this is just a small example. They can also be seen on TV during commercials or when they arrive by email in our mailbox.

People generally prefer to learn by watching a video than by reading an article. In addition, neurologically, information is better preserved when it reaches us in audiovisual format.

Where can I use Them?

So where can you place your explainer videos?

  1. Your website and landing page

Your own website is a great place to upload your explainer videos. This can work as a very effective introduction to visitors to your page, as well as lead to more conversions and more sales.

  • Your social networks

The social networks are a good way to start experimenting your videos because you can get results and comments quickly enough. In addition, you can make explanatory videos for each phase of the shopping tunnel.

For example, you can make short explainer videos to promote on social media, so they reach people who still don’t have a relationship with your business.

For your subscribers, you can create more specific explainer videos, such as the benefits of a specific product, or you can use the videos to further position yourself as an expert in your industry.

  • Crowdfunding campaigns

Do you want to launch a new product and need financing? If you are thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign, there is nothing better than making explainer videos to convince potential investors.

You need it to show your product’s benefits and its value in the clearest and most convincing way possible because it is something that does not exist yet.

  • Conferences, Presentations and Events

As I told you before, explainer videos are not exclusive to the online world. A short explainer video can give you an effective and compelling introduction to a presentation, engaging your audiences before you even start speaking.

If you are invited to a trade show, having a looping explainer video on your booth explaining your services and products can save you a lot of effort and words throughout the day.

Types of Explainer Videos

There are many types and styles of explainer videos, but these are the most popular (and our favorites):

  1. Animated Explainer videos

Animated explainer videos can use characters or graphics (motion graphics) to tell a story. Animated characters can be very effective in connecting with an audience, while graphics are very useful for illustrating complex processes in a simple way.

  • Whiteboard videos (video scribing)

In a whiteboard video, a hand draws or writes on a white background to illustrate what it is saying. These types of videos are more likely to be shared and, on top of that, a 15% more information.

How to make Explainer Videos

Here I am going to leave you a simple process that you can follow when creating your own video:

  1. Determine the objective of your video. Thus, you will choose one style or another and a format that adapts to the platforms on which you will share it.
  2. Write the script. Get straight to the point, don’t go too far, and end with a call to action.
  3. Create a storyboard that will serve as a draft when making the video and that will help you get the big picture in your head.
  4. Record the narration and create the animation. You can use any of these tools mentioned below to make explainer videos.
  5. Mount and sync it and start sharing.

5 tips for your Explainer Videos

1. Don’t waste time

We know that the main purpose of these videos is to inform, not to entertain, but even so, it’s not a plan to annoy the viewer, right? Usually try not to go too far for two minutes, let alone if it’s a relatively simple concept.

After all, the more information you give out at once, the more likely they are to forget.

2. Start strong

The first 5 seconds these are decisive for a viewer when he decides to continue watching your video or to move on to the next one. Therefore, when making explainer videos, you should try to get to the point as soon as possible.

For example, you can start by talking about your audience’s problems that you want to solve so that they feel identified from the start.

3. Focus on your audience

It’s easy for you to get excited about your product or service and forget what’s really important: your audience. Remember, more than showing them how your product works, you need to tell them what it will do for them and how it can help them in their daily lives.

To help you, you may ask yourself this:

  • Who is your audience? If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you can’t respond effectively. Keep in mind that the audience for a specific video may not be the same as your overall target audience.
  • What are your problems? The ones that you plan to resolve with your product or service.
  • How can you help? Be clear about how your product or service will help them solve these problems.
  • What do you want the audience to do after watching the video? Subscribe to your newsletter? Try a free week of your product? Visit your website? This is the call to action.

4. The explainer video script is important

It doesn’t matter how good your video is: if what you say isn’t memorable, no one will remember your post or you will achieve your goal.

When creating explainer videos, try to answer the following question, asked from a potential customer’s perspective: “So what am I taking with me?”

Go over the script a few times and try asking someone unrelated to your product to read it and tell you if it’s understood. You can also choose to use storytelling.

5. Choose the narrator or the narrator well.

Male or female voice? Young or more mature? What shade will you use?

All of these questions should be answered depending on the style of your brand and the tone you want your video to be. It should be a voice that the audience for your video will find engaging.

Best Tools for Creating Explainer Videos


Doodly is whiteboard animation software that let anyone despite of technical skills to make extremely engaging explainer videos in a matter of minutes in whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard and even glassboard.

Now it’s obvious that you’re here because you wanted to find a way to create Explainer videos without spending $200 to $500 per minute of video. But it shouldn’t be like that; with the way technology is enhancing, creating explainer video should be easy and you should be able to create your own video in just a matter of a few minutes.

And if you have read the article till now then you already know how powerful and highly engaging whiteboard explainer videos are and you know just how much it can help boost your conversions and increase engagement for your business. By using the Doodly software you can achieve you goals because it is very easy to use and it isn’t expensive.

Doodly Pros
  • Unlimited recordings

There is no restriction to the number of recordings you can make utilizing Doodly. You can make unlimited explainer videos as you’d like both for individual and business purposes.

  • Best for Beginner

With regards to exploring the product, it is best for non technical peoples. There are a lot of layouts to keep your video intriguing and the intuitive element essentially fills in as a clincher. So you needn’t bother with any specialized abilities to begin.

  • Top Notch Video

Whenever you’re done, there are multiple choices for resolutions to pick from. You can pick an excellent resolution to distribute your video with no difficulty.

  • Voice over

We adore the voice-over element of Doodly. You can straightforwardly record and insert voice over to your video inside the application.

  • Custom Draw

Other than formats, you can transfer pictures of your own. The custom draw will permit you to include a transcribed impact the pictures you posted later also.


Toonly is animated explainer video creator software that encourages you in making animation style enlivened video with just Drag and drop in a moment. By utilizing this drag and drop innovation you can make any sort of animation video without knowing any realistic and movement ability.

It’s a Web based or you can say it’s a work area based web application that can be run in any Windows gadget or Mac. Toonly has heaps of highlights and formats that makes your animated video creation more easy and you can in a real sense make staggering recordings with this stunning application.

You can likewise make sketch video, Voice over video, Cartoon video or any sort of instructional exercise video by Toonly. Likewise you can completely tweak the formats, and even make custom recordings yourself utilizing an exceptionally natural timetable proofreader, that empowers you to add custom activities or even add 1-click movement presets to rapidly enliven anything!

Did you know a certain something, Animation video are the future in light of the fact that animated explainer videos are engaging, buyers are attracted to the story which makes your showcasing message substantially more viable.

Animation type video makes your visitor additionally captivating and it will build your video watch time or consistency standard at a lot quicker rate and it likewise make your watcher more straightforward your substance instead of any ordinary video.

Thus, Grab Toonly now and make limitless explainer video without knowing any planning ability or specialized expertise; this instrument will make your life all the simpler through its astounding highlights.

Toonly Pros
  • Easy To Use

Utilizing Toonly is extremely simple and recommend for beginner, if you haven’t done editing before you can still use this tool efficiently

Create Studio

Create studio is a tools to make animation and cartoon videos that will stick out. You will get 2D characters and others resources for make 2D recordings rapidly.

2D resources are accessible in each animation tools. The extraordinary component of Create studio is that it provides 3D resources for videos.

To wrap things up, what about transforming basic animation into explainer video by adding enlivened content and different resources with music, voiceover, and so forth? With their new update now you can likewise apply Doodle hand impact on the content.

Create Studio Pros
  • Custom Animation or Keyframe

Individuals who are into video altering realize what a keyframe is. Long story short it’s utilized for moving item position, evolving size, and so forth while the video is playing. You simply need to set the beginning and last qualities.

You will get pre-made movement in the event that you just to things show up from top, left, right, base, or need to expand the size as video experience. Interestingly, it permits you to make a custom liveliness.

  • Pre-made layouts

The tool contains 40 pre-made layouts. These layouts will assist you with making astonishing video promotions or draw in with your supporters via web-based media.


Now you know how to make explainer videos. By using these tools you can save your time and money. We have already explained that these tools are very easy to use and everyone can take benefit from them. Moreover, integrating animated explainer videos is the best thing you could possibly do for your business marketing and we can assure you that it will benefit you.

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