Doodly Review – Create awesome whiteboard videos with Doodly

Best value Doodly Review – Create awesome whiteboard videos with Doodly
Doodly Review – Create awesome whiteboard videos with Doodly
Doodly Review – Create awesome whiteboard videos with Doodly
  • Easy to learn
  • Lot of options
  • Looks professional
  • Upload own images

Doodly Review – Whiteboard animation videos have become a famous showcasing device as of late. They have a high change rate since they are striking, intriguing, straightforward, and exact, and they are utilized to clarify ideas and thoughts. Envision that somebody is disclosing something to you by hand drawing on paper and shooting simultaneously. Basically, that is the thing that whiteboard animation programming is. Whiteboard animation videos, or scrawl draws, as they are called something else, are informative videos.

Doodly Review

Doodly is a whiteboard animation programming with an intuitive interface to make outlines. It is famous in light of the fact that it is extremely simple to utilize; anybody with or without experience can utilize it to make advertising, study hall, online networking, and some other video in not more than minutes.

The product has many custom pictures in the library. You should simply choose the picture you need, drag, and drop it onto your canvas, and the doodle is drawn. You can likewise make and transfer your own pictures. You can add sound to your whiteboard outlines from the sovereignty free sound library. You can introduce Doodly on various PCs (both Mac and PC) and use it to draw boundless pictures.

Create whiteboard videos

Here is the list what you can do with the help of the Doodly:

  • Create whiteboard, whiteboard, green board, and glass whiteboard videos.
  • Option for choosing images are available in bulk quantity. These are not stock images and cannot be found anywhere else. You can use your customized images.
  • Many characters and background scenes to develop your videos.
  • Many types of hands show the drawing of their images, men and women, left-handed and right-handed, multiple ethnicities.
  • Record your own voiceovers or import them. You can use your own voice, hire someone to do the voiceover, or import an audio file.
  • Royalty-free music tracks make videos more professional and engaging.
  • Doodly Rainbow is a free plugin that allows you to add color to your videos.
  • You can use it on different devices at a sane time. Compatible with PC and Mac.
  • Export videos in multiple formats, file sizes and quality.

Doodly Features:

  • Thousands of custom pictures – These are not stock pictures. Your videos will be extraordinary.
  • Easy to use and learn – no need for design or technology skills.
  • Install on all the computers you want, without restrictions.
  • Easy to spare and fare – share your video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Or on the other hand post it on your site.
  • Regular updates – I have been using Doodly for several months and it has been updated several times already. They keep adding more features that make the product even better.

Advantages of Doodly

Variety of Custom images

This is one reason why such huge numbers of individuals pick this product. You have many custom pictures in the picture library created by a group of expert visual specialists. The pictures are comprised of 200 distinct characters, each with 20 unique stances. The library also contains 20 collections and hundreds of accessories. At the end of the day, there is something for each theme and each specialty in the Doodly library. On the off chance that you make someone-memories demand, if it’s not too much trouble let Doodly Review know and his group of craftsmen will create it for you.

Video Editing

Video editing is the most intricate piece of making a video, so picking whiteboard animation programming that takes into consideration simple altering is significant. Doodly is extraordinary at this. You can alter the course of events, which is situated at the base of the video by reordering, copying, or erasing scenes. You can likewise alter the hand that draws your video, just as the style of the video.

On the correct side of the screen is a media list that shows you everything you added to the video and the time you included it. You can alter your video by revamping the media list and modifying the span of every scene.

Sound Assistance

Adding sound to your video sketch is simple on the grounds that the product furnishes you with 2 soundtrack spaces. One is for ambient melodies and the other is for a voiceover. You can play these spaces until you get the ideal sound mix. It permits you to add a wide range of clasps to every video if you trim them to the ideal length.

The quantity of tracks you get for mood melodies relies upon the bundle you purchase. For Gold you get 20, Platinum permits you 40 and Enterprise clients get 80 tracks. You can add a voiceover to your video to make it true, yet Doodly does not have the usefulness to do it inside it. You should utilize elective programming and afterward import the MP3 track into your Doodly video.

Easy to use

Something we loved most about Doody is the way that it has an exceptionally short expectation to learn and adapt. When you open the UI, you will see all that you have to make a whiteboard video, and you do not have to have any specialized information or involvement with making videos.

Variety of Canvases and Hands

If you need your portrayals to be extraordinary, you will adore Doodly in light of the fact that it offers you 4 distinct canvases from which you can pick: slate, whiteboard, green board, and glass board.  To draw in your crowd, you should customize your videos, and there is no better method to do it in a video sketch than with the correct sort of hand. Doodly offers you many male and female delivers various hues and sizes.


We think Doodly Review is outstanding amongst other whiteboard programming for under $ 100. Even though it is delayed trading full videos, it has a huge number of incredible highlights. The way that it is so natural to utilize makes it one of our top choices. Regardless of whether you are a learner or a prepared cameraman, you will discover bounty to adore about Doodly Review.

Create whiteboard videos
learning curve
Video quality
  • Easy to learn
  • Lot of options
  • Looks professional
  • Upload own images
  • To use all options you must upgrade
  • Sometimes rendering can take some time
  • No 4K quality
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