Create Studio, Multi functional video editor. Our review.

Editor choice Create Studio, Multi functional video editor. Our review.
Create Studio, Multi functional video editor. Our review.
Create Studio, Multi functional video editor. Our review.
  • create cartoon videos
  • use as video editor
  • 4K quality

Create Studio

Create Studio is one of the most advanced and innovative video animation creator (and video editors) software on the market right now. It’s for experienced and complete beginner video creators. It gives users the flexibility to create custom animations and uses motion presets and templates for ease of use and speed. Never has such rich video animation software been combined with advanced features other than Adobe After Effects and features for beginners. Can be created by the user. 2D and 3D characters, lower third animations, logo characters, YouTube content, social videos, sales & promotional videos, mobile stories, e-commerce ads, local business videos, almost any kind of video with ease and dynamic features. Including explanation video.

Create Studio Overview

Create Studio

Various presets

Templates always play an important role whenever we talk about video creators and editors. In fact, look at top services like Content Samurai. There are so many premium templates out there, and Create Studio is leveraging this successful method from these big services.

8x smaller file size when published

We use the most advanced video encoding technology. This means that the videos you publish with Create Studio look great, and the file size is up to 8x smaller than videos created with other software. Comparison with well-known editor Camtasia. Exporting the video with Camtasia resulted in a file size of 316MB. Exporting the exact same video in Create Studio resulted in a file size of only 36MB. And the quality is the same. This is huge because the smaller the video file size, the faster your video will load on your landing page. Speed increases conversions.

Drag and drop video builder

With Studio Builder, video creation will never be the same again. Drag and drop scene and video builder with 2D and 3D animated characters, animated transitions, text titles, kinetic typography, social icons, shapes and more.

Animated 3D & 2D characters

Quickly create incredible 2D and 3D character instructional videos with animated characters. No rigging required, no need to add 10,000 keyframes. Just drag and drop your character and select an action. All these characters are custom illustrated and animated by our team.

Adjust the resolution

Create video in any size, including “square, vertical, or standard 16×9”, and 4k.

Replace media

Easily replace images and videos with other media by clicking the Replace button. All animations and settings are retained.

Studio builder

Studio Builder is a drag and drop video builder. This allows users to drag and drop off-the-shelf and animated text titles, lower thirds, animated characters, off-the-shelf scenes, animated icons, emojis, devices, video effects and more.

Auto save

Turns on automatic saving of the project and sets the time before saving.


You can also lock elements on the timeline and canvas or hide elements from both the timeline and canvas.

You can also lock elements on the timeline and canvas or hide elements from both the timeline and canvas.

Create Studio Pricing

Create Studio Desktop Software ($47 – $67 but price will go up soon)

  • MacOS and Windows compatible

All Access Pass (templates, characters, assets)-$37/month

  • 500 templates (entire template library)
  • All access paths to thousands of animation elements within Motion Builder.
  • Additional 40 characters
  • Over 100 additional premium animation presets.

Media Upgrades – $67 – $97

  • Ix integration (1 click import)
  • Un splash integration (1 click import)
  • Audio library
  • Custom created professional sound effects library
  • Text-to-speech creator

Agency License-$127-$197

  • 5x additional license for team members
  • Agency marketing materials

Create Studio Advantages

Cartoon Feature

If not used from a cartoon background, the cartoon video will look very unprofessional. Therefore, this function is necessary for making the cartoon creatures for your video.

Animated Emojis

Think for yourself. The places that upload the most videos, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and perhaps Tiktok are the ones that upload videos mostly created by Create Studio. In these places, funny videos are what improve engagement with your videos. So, the availability of quality emojis that are also animated you can achieve higher insights on your video.

Animated Icons

This is an additional add-on for product creators to better sell this video app. At times, you can use them to create social media introductions and more. And after creating this post, we hope you understand all the features and value of purchasing Create Studio.

Animated Characters

This app is not a copycat like the case between Sqribble and Designrr. In fact, Create Studio’s animated/cartoon characters are quite different from the top animated and descriptive video apps available on the market. They only offer top notch services. This includes three types of colorful, supreme, especially 3D characters. In fact, this is the main concern when talking about explainer style video makers. However, Create Studio is more than just an instructional style, it’s like an all-in-one video animation suite.

Efficient Editor

With this video editor, you can export as many video types as you need, including 720P, 1080 full HD, 4K video, and even create story-oriented videos.


Create Studio is the best software among the competitors. Not only can you create 2D and 3D animated character videos, but you can also use done for templates and assets to create literally any kind of video. You can even fully customize the template or create your own custom video using the highly intuitive timeline editor. This allows you to add custom animations or one-click animation presets to quickly animate anything.

Create Studio
Learning curve
Video quality
  • create cartoon videos
  • use as video editor
  • 4K quality
  • To use all features you must upgrade
  • No free trial
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