How any amateur can turn into a video marketing professional, with the right tools

Video marketing is increasingly cited today as a strategy to increase the success of a business on the internet. But what is the real importance and benefits of using video marketing as a promotional tool and to increase revenue? We will see this in more detail in this article.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is visual content that must be included in a marketing communications plan and that aims to increase audience engagement with the brand. Video is becoming an increasingly important item in the toolbox of the modern content marketer. There are many types of video marketing. Content includes company profile, video reviews, video testimonials, live event videos, how-to videos, explainer videos, company training videos. As for the appearance, there are video clips, slideshows, video animations and much more. You can combine these types of video marketing or do them separately.

The importance of video marketing

Business promotion will be more effective and appreciated by consumers if it is presented with an attractive visual appearance and design. One of the increasingly common activities that most marketers engage in today is video marketing. Its appearance is more attractive and communicative than the simple 2D graphics format, which makes this promotional medium the most ideal to catch the attention of the community at large.

1. Present a product brand

Video marketing promotions have proven to be effective in branding your business. According to HubSpot, 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through video. Today, many entrepreneurs are starting to promote through social media, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and others. Besides social networks, you can put them on your site so that visitors to your website can watch the video of the product offered. The goal of video marketing is to get your business’ products known to more people.

2. Guarantee the quality of a commercial product

You can create video marketing in the form of testimonials from your loyal customers. You can also create product production videos, company profiles, etc. So that potential customers believe in the company and the quality of your business. In some cases, video marketing is also helpful in combating negative publicity as long as it’s done the right way.

3. Reaching global markets

Business promotion thus plays a role in the infinite expansion of the target market for your business. The whole world can see the video marketing that you have created, so the potential reach of your market will be very big and wide. Easy access to the internet now makes it even easier to expand your business to the international market.

4. Improve natural referencing

Search engines like Google are starting to take video into account as an essential criterion for evaluating and ranking websites. Just do some research for tutorials or reviews to realize that the videos appear directly in the results pages. Video can therefore increase your ranking in search engines, click-through rate, open rate and conversions. A properly referenced video on Youtube (the second largest search engine after Google, which is also owned by Google) can do wonders for your SEO.

5. Increase conversion rates

According to the recent research 81% of internet user are more likely to buy a product they were thinking of  purchasing after watching a brand’s video and not only that, but 76% of marketers also claim that it has helped them increase their sales. So, video marketing itself is undoubtedly the content that marketers or brands should have, to engage with their audience in order to survive and win the conversion game.

Best Tools For Creating Awesome Video’s

Visual content through video animation is one of the powerful tools to enhance your image, promote an offer or a new product. Whether you want to try your hand at animation, add special effects to the Avatar, or create something much simpler, there is editing software to suit your needs. In our selection, we’ve even included 5 essential online tools, to create your animated video whether you are a beginner or a professional.

1. Viddyoze 

Viddyoze is the platform that gives you the liberty to create professional and fully personalized videos for your audience. Viddyoze has a huge library of video and presentation templates in different styles that can be edited instantly and in real time with their drag and drop editor. 

It also makes it easier for you if you don’t have any video editing experience or design skills. You just have to choose the right model, because Viddoyze offers you many models with many scenes included. You will have many options and choices to be creative and generate your authentic communication through video marketing with their simple drag and drop editor.

You can make an intro’s, outro’s, presentation, animated video explanation for marketing or training purposes in just a few minutes. One of the great advantages of the platform is that no special computer knowledge is required to take advantage of the many options. Viddyoze offers paid plans and the cost of the subscription is very cheap. 

2. Create Studio

Since its release, Create Studio has continued to improve in performance. It is, without question, one of the best video editing software available today. Create Studio is an awesome video editor, with a lot of presets to make video editing easy. Create Studio helps users in creating video montages very easily. The app offers user’s media tracks to stimulate their creativity. The software also has many creative effects to the delight of YouTubers. 

It has features suitable for animation and short films, but also has a complete integrated system, worthy of expert editing software. Clips can be inserted in the timeline; these are used to add transitions or to cut scenes for example. The duration of these clips can be modified; they can overlap and combine through effects of transitions or fades.

Users can add transitions or filters to their videos. It is also possible to overlay video clips and apply effects like blend modes. Another advantage of Create Studio is its option to remove background noise. Additionally, users can control the colors of videos by adjusting exposure, brightness, and saturation.

If you have clips of different lengths and frame rates, which is most likely if you’ve used different digital cameras, camcorders, or smartphones, then Create Studio is a great option. It will allow you to harmonize them before you finalize your film.

3. Doodly

Doodly is an application that offers the possibility to users of quality videos. One of the advantages of the software is that the interface is intuitive, even the most novice can take advantage of the features of Doodly. The tool includes a library of a wide variety of animated graphics and music templates. 

With this tool, users can easily import images, videos or music in different formats to enhance their editing. To start enjoying the options of Doodly, users simply choose a video template and customize it to their preferences. Using this tool, users can create whiteboard YouTube videos for boosting view count. 

4. Voicely 

Voicely is a great text-to-speech tool. First of all, you can choose from loads of different languages ​​across a variety of accents like American and French. Enter your text, choose your voice from the list, and then click Read to hear it. 

If you are satisfied, click Download as MP3 to enter the recording. The standout feature here is the ability to use syntax to change the voice. You can focus on words, change the tone, create conversations, and more.

5. Press play

Press play is the best software for converting your regular videos into interactive videos. The best thing about this tool is that you can take videos from multiple platforms like YouTube, Daily motion and many more.

Simply use any video from these platforms and add multiple features provided by this tool which will make your video looks more professional and interactive. The best part about using this tool is that it will boost your sales because of your interactive videos.

Users can add photos, icons, or video clips to montages, for example. The platform offers users a wide choice of kinematic movement models and branded soundtracks. No computer or design skills are required to take advantage of the advanced features of Press play. The multiple models of the application stimulate the inspiration and creativity of users. In a few minutes, users will be able to create branded video content.


Video marketing is the right way to present the product you are selling to make it stand out, compared to a marketing approach that only uses text. By using these mentioned tools above you can easily achieve the sales and boost your business.

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