13 video marketing trends for 2021

Nowadays, users prefer audiovisual content, and so it is not surprising that video marketing on social media has become very popular. People would rather see and hear than read something due to the accelerating pace of life.

Many brands have noticed this trend and have changed their formats. They are considering that the presence on digital platforms has become a necessity for any self-respecting business. Indeed, through them, they can publicize the company as well as what they offer. And if you are starting your e-business, they are essential.

However, in order for them to become great advertising channels, they need a good strategy where the work with video marketing, the most requested content by users, is necessary. It reminds us that everything must be geared towards consumer satisfaction.

Before defining some of the top video marketing trends of 2021, it doesn’t hurt to consider a few tips that will help you create them. It’s not about recording a video, and that’s it. It is important to have a creative strategy in which to take care of the following aspects:

  • Use Storytelling. People like to know the story of a brand. It’s a way to connect with the audience, and you can awaken different emotions in your customers.
  • Introducing your videos is essential since you only have 8 seconds to capture users’ attention. If you are successful, they will likely see all of the content.
  • It presents quality content, not only visually but also on the subject. Remember that it must be exciting and relevant to attract the user.
  • The video should have a short but concise message, don’t put unnecessary loads. Think that there is a lot of competition and current users want short content.
  • Your videos must be accessible to the broadest possible audience. For example, if you speak Spanish, you can put readable English subtitles.
  • Choose the right platform taking into account your typical audience. Define in which social network you have the best chance of reaching your target audience.
  •  SEO is important, and even more, if you work with YouTube because you can position your video in the same way as on Google in this chain.

13 video marketing trends for 2021

The time has come! Now you are going to know 13 of the top trends in video marketing. Analyzing them will give you a clearer vision when structuring your content strategy:

1. Live Streaming

There is no doubt that the audiovisual format has become popular in recent years. But there is one trend that is one of the most used, especially in 2020: Live Streaming. You can make live videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitch, among others.

It’s a more spontaneous way to connect with your target audience. It’s a video that comes out without editing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. If you plan to develop a specific topic, you must master it.

2. 360° videos to turn the heads of your audience

 VR (virtual reality) is probably one of the topics most trends of the moment! It will be even more so in 2021. With or without a helmet, on Facebook or Youtube, you will witness a year at 360 °. Imagine being able to live an immersive experience by teleporting yourself to a place 10,000km away, putting yourself in the shoes of a person to discover a profession, or even by reliving an event. This is what 360 ° videos can offer you.

In business, this trend can be used in different ways:

  • For real estate sales, you can show your prospects the place without having to travel.
  • For human resources, you can recruit new candidates by highlighting the atmosphere hidden behind your walls.
  • For training, this can be a way to project your learners into a 360 ° application.
  • For communication, project your audience into the desired universe to tell the story of your brand.

3. Interactive videos

As Benjamin Franklin says:

You tell me, I forget. You teach me, I remember. You involve me, I learn.

Interactive video will be able to play an essential role in 2021. Involving employees in training courses or customers in the purchasing process can significantly impact your objectives. 

Even if it is possible to add interactivity to videos on YouTube, it remains quite discreet. However, it is a trend that we expect to find on all social networks. You can already notice Instagram’s desire to include tools in its “stories” that facilitate interactivity with viewers: surveys, question boxes, sliders to move.

4. Vertical videos

Vertical videos have given a twist to traditional recording, as it is usually recorded horizontally. This trend has been on Instagram since 2018 and has become even more popular with the arrival of IGTV. But this is not the only social network with this format: the TikTok platform also uses it as a preferred format.

Therefore, if your primary audience is viewing stories from Instagram or TikTok, you should use vertical orientation to make it pleasing to the user’s eye. By the way, this also applies to Facebook stories.

5. Professionally edited videos

Their content’s natural character widely uses the direct ones; it is also necessary to develop audiovisual materials that take care of every detail. As a business or a brand, you need to take care of the videos you upload to social media no matter if you are not a professional editor, as many tools can help you.

The idea is that you can present clean audiovisual material, i.e., take care of the light, shots, approaches, and sound. If you want to give it a more original touch, you can use special effects or other camera effects. Remember, there is a lot of competition, and your goal is to stand out from it.

6. Short videos

Without a doubt, short videos have been another hallmark of social media. For example, on Instagram, you can only upload 60-second videos to the feed. But when they launched IGTV, that limit was extended to 1 hour for the web version and 15 minutes for the mobile app.

If you have to talk about short videos on digital platforms, TikTok should be mentioned. This is their main characteristic since they do not exceed 15 seconds. This may be a challenge for brands but also a great advantage.

Remember that you are facing a world in which users lead an accelerated pace of life. For this reason, they prefer audiovisual and short-lived content. As a brand, you need to clearly think about the message you want to convey during those 15 seconds. Your success in this social network will depend on it.

7. Creative audiovisuals

Indeed, today there is a lot of competition and demand on social media. This does the act of attracting potential customers more complicated. That is why it is essential to create innovative videos that can grab the attention of users.

How can you do this? Tiktok is an example of creativity in content. It is a platform that combines animation with sounds, effects, and challenges. If you follow the trends, it will not be difficult for you to position yourself and gain visibility on this platform since its algorithm is quite intuitive.

8. Vlogging

Have you heard of Vlogs? These are corporate videos but not nearly as perfect. The idea is to present the values ​​of the brand, its mission, and its vision to users to bring people together so that they can better communicate with your business.

Previously, these audiovisual media were more fictitious. While at present, what we want in them is to give an important place to workers. Give a voice and a face to these people who make the business successful on a daily basis.

You can enjoy and show the physical spaces and facilities, the corporate culture, and the activities they perform. It’s the best way to humanize your brand and, precisely, that’s what consumers of this age want to see.

9. Snack Ads

Short audiovisual content is tracked, but in this case, advertisements are displayed on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, commonly known as Snack Ads. This is because they have a duration of 10 seconds or less. The idea is the same: keep users’ attention in a short time.

According to an analysis published on Medium, 89.61% of video audiences pay their full attention for the first 10 seconds. This number starts to drop to 80.41% at 20 seconds, 66.16% at 30 seconds, 46.44% at one minute, and 9.42% at 5 minutes. This shows that the first 10 seconds are essential.

10. Whiteboard Animation Videos

One of the objectives of whiteboard animation is to increase conversion rate; the conversion rate is the critical element of your video marketing. It tells you in what proportion you are turning your visitors into customers! So it is even more important than traffic to your site.

This is easily understood: it doesn’t matter that there is a lot of traffic in your store if no one is buying. This is where whiteboard animation comes in. Explanatory videos in whiteboard animation are 3 times more likely to be shared on social networks, therefore become more viral!

They convert 150% better than any other type of video. And they double the chances of making a sale. All salespeople know that someone who is confident in a product will buy it quickly. The whiteboard animation does not look like an advertising film. This is one of its main assets! Drawing touches childhood brings your prospect back to the enjoyment of comics, and lowers the barriers that the public naturally oppose to sales talk.

11. Video tutorials

You can’t miss the excellent video tutorials to show the audience how to use your products or services. It is a way to answer questions that users may have about usage. Moreover, you can also take the opportunity to talk about the benefits.

Evaluate what the competition is doing so that you don’t become a copy but rather stand out. Unleash all your creativity and make the content dynamic and interactive. The goal is to make the audience feel included in your video.

12. Hyper-personalization

Giving users precisely what they want is part of the success of many brands. So if you’re going to join them, you have to work with the hyper-personalization of video marketing in social media. This is one of the trends that became popular in 2020.

Of course, you are wondering how you can do it. It’s simple; adapt the videos to the users. You can create different versions of closures for the same video and let the user choose the one they like the most. This is essential for generating valuable content and increasing the conversion rate.

13. Video podcast

When they tell you about podcasts, surely you are directly thinking of audio; you can compare it to listening to the radio. This type of content allows you to do other things while you are listening to it. But some brands have managed to give it touch since the current user is much more visual.

For this, video podcasts were born, in which users not only listen but also watch. These can be still or moving images. The entire program can also be recorded to give the listener a face to the voices.

You have many options for working on your video marketing strategy. It’s up to you to choose the trend that best suits your brand

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